Video allegedly shows how the Kremlin sends female prisoners into combat missions in Ukraine

Viral footage of a Russian woman, recruited from a civilian prison and now a soldier in the Kremlin's armed forces, storming the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), reportedly filmed by a front-line UAV unit, is circulating online.

The video was posted by operators of the 47th Mechanized Brigade's drone systems battalion and indicates that the woman was trained and had high-quality ammunition.

“She was trained and had high-quality ammunition, but she could not escape our kamikaze drone, nor could any of her comrades,” the Ukrainian soldier said, adding: “For us, it does not matter what gender the enemy is. The intruders must die in great pain. There will be no other way!”

In April, Andriy Yusov, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Service (HUR), told the Kyiv Post that the Kremlin was ready to recruit female prisoners of all specialties: “We are talking about auxiliary units, but also combat units if necessary,” Yusov said.

Female prisoners are promised money and the opportunity to return home. In return, the convicted women agree to such conditions because the propaganda convinces them that they will return home alive. However, these are only dreams.

“Most of the female prisoners recruited by the Russian Federation have died or returned home with serious injuries,” Yusov said.

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He said a minority of recruited female prisoners return home alive and unharmed

“Starting today, prisoners in the Russian Federation sign contracts on a general basis,” said Yusov. “That is, the contract provides for a term of up to 5 years, but is automatically extended until the end of the so-called combat service.”

The prison administration is using new methods to force prisoners to join the war effort. Convicts are threatened with new criminal proceedings if they do not agree to go to the front.

The prisoners are again promised release from prosecution if they go to Ukraine.

On Sunday, June 30, some Telegram channels and military bloggers published information that the first units of the so-called “Storm Z”, consisting of women mobilized from Russian prisons, had been spotted in the combat zone.

According to the report, the Russian women penetrate into the nearby rear zone and pretend to be locals. The women gain the trust of Ukrainian soldiers by offering sexual services and finding out important information about the units. At night, they can also simply kill an AFU soldier who stays with them or invites them to his home.