Summer makeup 2024: 5 hot trends for the season

Every spring, top bloggers and leading fashion magazines meet to solve the mystery: which makeup trends will dominate the coming season? This summer, the results are particularly pleasing: light, natural-looking, long-lasting makeup solutions, even in the Israeli heat, as well as bright colors and glitter that enhance every look.

One of the biggest challenges in summer makeup is to create a striking and impressive look using a minimal and precise number of products so as not to burden the skin and the look. Bronzer or not? Blush? Powder? How to do lip makeup without overloading and is there a way to do eye makeup in July-August without looking like the Joker in two hours? We are here to answer these crucial questions with all the latest tips and tricks for summer 2024, as well as some product recommendations that will lead you straight to the coveted look.

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Colored mascara

Purple, green, orange and all the colours of the rainbow: coloured mascara is not only a hot trend, but also an easy and quick way to add a refreshing pop of colour to your look without stressing your face out in the heat. This little wink will instantly elevate your appearance and turn any mundane look into a celebration. For the more creative: complement the mascara with eyeliner or eyeshadow in a matching, similar or complementary colour, whatever your creative spirit takes you. With coloured mascara, the colour combinations are endless and there's no chance that anyone else in the room will have the same look. Go ahead. For the less daring: even a touch of blue mascara, no eyeshadow and no frills – that's totally fine. If you buy one from L'Oréal, think about adding three more products – and you'll get one of them for free.

Pearl skin

The shiny and dewy finish just refuses to go out of style. This time it's called “pearl skin” and, thankfully, it looks a little less wet and sweaty than the glass skin trend. Nobody wants to look like they've dipped in a glass of gefilte fish, so how do you achieve that coveted glow? In Israel, it's mainly by going outside between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. If you want to add more moisture and shine to the natural charm of the July and August seasons, a quality moisturizing skin prep can help you achieve the effect. Likewise, you can use less powder and instead prefer products in cream or liquid form, such as Clarins' tanning serum or NARS's liquid blusher, which has been shaking up the cosmetics world for several years.

In our sweltering country, it's hard to survive without powder to set everything, so it's recommended to achieve the effect by applying one of Dior or Estée Lauder's perfect powder highlighters over the powder. Between us, even Jade's works. Apply the highlighter to the cheekbones, lips, the tip of the nose, under the outer part of the brows, and anywhere else the sun naturally hits, and there you have it. Remember the clean-girl aesthetic trend? This is pretty much the continuation of that story. For a precise application of highlighter in the brow area, use Kylie's shimmer highlighter pen.

Blue eyeshadow

Are the '90s upon us again? Dark, light, sky blue-gray, metallic, shimmery or completely matte, the blue eyeshadow of the '90s and early 2000s is back in style after years of driving us crazy. If memories of your school counselor haunt you and you're afraid to recreate the look, try a more modern use of the color by drawing a graphic eyeliner or applying bright sky blue eyeshadow around the inner corner of your eye. For high-quality eyeshadow in the color you want, check out MAC's stunning selection that never disappoints.

Note: Blue eyeshadow doesn't suit everyone. If you have blue eyes, thank the creator and refrain from this trend as it does the opposite of highlighting your natural, desirable blue. Brown eyes are in the spotlight here and you should let them have it – it doesn't happen to them often. But also remember that there are no real rules when it comes to makeup, so do what pleases your eye. Your holiday, your rules.

(Source: PR)
(Source: PR)

Soft and blurred lips

Can you really call this a trend? Haven't we always done it this way? In any case, experts and fashion magazines are proclaiming that summer 2024 will be marked by a light, sophisticated, everyday lip look. To achieve the look, take any matte lipstick of your choice, with a hot recommendation for MAC's Maximal Silky or Powder Kiss Velvet Blur (yes, we love MAC, you caught us), dab a little bit of it on your finger and tap it on your lips until you get a slightly more pigmented look than usual. That's it, you're ready to stroll down the Riviera with an effortless look. Well, 0.5% effort. Other high-quality lipsticks that we particularly love can be found in the selections from Dior and Clarins, it's all a matter of budget.

Doll Rouge

The madness of Sabrina Carpenter, the pop singer of the moment, continues to work, this time on our cheeks, with the iconic blush look that makes us look somewhere between a porcelain doll and a Bratz. How do you achieve it? It's simple: loads of pink blush on the cheeks, and for a truly doll-like look, reach for Sisely le Phyto Blush, the blatant fuchsia. Wow, how beautiful it is. Softer shades are also available, and you can find them in the quality products of Estée Lauder, where you can get a second product at 50% off. To keep that rosy shade for a long time, start with Byneta's cream blush or NARS' liquid blush and apply a powder blush on top. Now you are Sabrina Carpenter – sail to an exotic beach and dance on the shore in the company of a group of pretty mulattoes.

Remember: There is no one right way to apply blush. You can blend it on the cheekbones or the apples or both; you can pull it toward the temples or not; you can apply a little on the forehead, nose and even the tip of the chin. As with bronzer, highlighter and contour, the right way to apply blush is the one that flatters your specific face shape. To figure out what that is, browse through a trillion online guides on the subject or rely on your visual wisdom and apply blush however you like.

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Orange, orange, orange

Orange lips, peachy cheeks – this summer, orange is the new black. Nothing beats this warm shade for a sweet and nostalgic sun-kissed look. Orange blushes are already peeking out from every fresh (or sweaty) corner, and the prettiest shades for an extra playful shimmer can be found at Benefit or Clinique. Lipstick – well, you already know where we like to buy it. And most importantly, you can find all the products on this list in one store. Can you guess which one?

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