The “slimmer” redesign of the Apple Watch could be delayed by a year

Apple Watch fans hoping for a redesign in 2024 may be disappointed. Rumors of an all-new “Apple Watch X” to mark the device's 10th anniversary have been circulating for some time, but this report says the design will remain more or less the same as the current models.

Initial reports suggested a major design change for the Apple Watch Series 10, including a thinner profile and a new magnetic strap system. However, leaked alleged plans for the Series 10 show a design very similar to the current models. The main difference is an increase in size to 45mm and 49mm, with a screen measuring around 2 inches on the wrist.

Analysts offer some explanations: Apple could be happy with the current design, face production challenges with the new design, or the redesign could be delayed until 2025. This could be due to a major design change within Apple, possibly triggered by the recently announced M4 iPad Pro – the thinnest device the company has ever had

While a new design would be exciting for some, the news isn't all bad. Since the Apple Watch X, which will launch with watchOS 11 unveiled at WWDC, is likely to stay true to a familiar form factor, there's a good chance that existing Apple Watch bands will still be compatible.

Ultimately, we will have to wait for Apple's official announcement to know for sure what the Series 10 will include.