CEO of NBA 2k League allegedly fires entire league –

The future of the NBA 2k League is uncertain due to recent decisions made by league staff. According to Dexerto, the league's poor viewership has caused staff to completely rethink how the team is run.

This happened on July 2, when league CEO Andrew Perlmutter held a brief town hall meeting and reportedly announced massive layoffs alongside plans to revive the league. According to some players who attended the town hall meeting, the entire league was fired.

Following the event, the NBA and Take-Two Interactive released a joint statement detailing all of the new changes coming to the league. According to the statement, the NBA 2K League will be revamped into a “global digital entertainment company” that combines the league with a “new digital media brand” and “immersive live events.”

Fans' reactions to the news were mixed, with some saying the restructuring was only a matter of time, while others sympathized with the affected employees and how little warning they had been given.

However, while both organizations are busy implementing all these changes, a significant portion of eSports players and other employees are now unemployed.

Esports commentators Harris Rubenstein and Jamie Diaz Ruiz noted in a Twitch livestream following the town hall meeting that these layoffs would result in a pause in the league and many of these players would be out of work for at least 18 months until the league reopens.

More information about the changes to the NBA 2K League will be announced in the coming months. Fans interested in learning more should visit the official NBA 2K League website and social media.