Leaked Google Pixel 9 is so disgustingly pink you can taste it

Has anyone else been forcibly given amoxicillin as a child? I can still taste the chilled pink chalky taste today, it lingers in my mouth for hours after I take a spoonful of it to fight my sore throat. That's the core memory that rushes into my brain after seeing that pink Google Pixel 9 leak circulating. 9to5GoogleOr am I thinking of Pepto Bismal?

Regardless, the shade of pink pictured on the next rumored Pixel 9 doesn't exude “the next best flagship,” especially with that protruding camera bar. It sticks out more than we've seen in leaks over the past year. You can see the full 13-second video on Elon's Xformerly known as Twitter.

Additional photos and videos in the thread give us a closer look at the rest of the Pixel 9's body. The edges are flat and reinforced. This side profile gives off serious iPhone vibes right down to the rounded corners.

The pink hue and device shown in the short video will reportedly remain until Google officially announces everything next month. However, the video shows a Samsung Galaxy S24 Banner in the background indicating that it was taken at a cell phone carrier or phone store that delivered their units a little earlier than everyone else.

It's unclear which version of the Pixel 9 is pictured in the leak. Google is said to be launching three models this year. The Pixel 9 – the good version – will be the smallest of the bunch, and the Pixel 9 Pro – the better one – will have the telephoto lens power and still fit in your pocket. The best version will be the Pixel 9 Pro XL or something similar. Again, we'll have to wait for Google to make everything official. But we will soon find out.

Google AI

While we know everything about Android 15 so far, the new Pixel 9 will also offer some specially offered features, such as Galaxy AI on Samsung devices.

Well-known leaker Kamila Wojciechowska published an “exclusive report” at Android Authority with obvious knowledge of what's to come. We know Google usually makes a lot of noise about its AI features, especially since Gemini was rebranded.

Some of the new features Pixels 9 Devices include “Add Me,” which ensures everyone in the photo has an objectively shareable smile or expression before the shot is completed. Android may also adopt a Microsoft Callback-like function for the Pixel devices called Pixel Screenshots. Once you enable AI processing, you can leverage AI to search through these shots based on their content. And of course, expect more new image generation features to be announced alongside the Pixel 9 with a pop-out camera bump.