Watch: Water leaks from roof of Delhi-Varanasi Vande Bharat Express train, Northern Railway responds | Latest News

Passengers travelling from Delhi to Varanasi on the Vande Bharat Express were surprised when the train's roof started leaking. The video is making the rounds on the internet, triggering a backlash against the Northern Railway.

The viral video begins with a passenger taking a video of a leaky roof and soaked seats. “Tell everyone in your college! No one should travel…” a woman says in the video. An X user shared the video and wrote, “Look at the condition of the Vandebharat train. This train runs on the Delhi-Varanasi route. The number of the Vande Bharat is 22416.”

Watch the viral video here:

Shortly after the video gained attention, the official Northern Railway account posted an update, citing a “temporary blockage in the pipes” as the reason for the leak. “A slight water leak was detected in the coach due to a temporary blockage in the pipes! The train staff attended to it and fixed it. We regret any inconvenience caused,” the account wrote.

The video, shared on July 2, has been viewed over 23,000 times. Social media users criticised the Railway Ministry for mismanaging the trains. In response, one user wrote: “If you pay the full price for the ticket, the railways will provide you with air conditioning and a waterfall.”

“Vande Bharat’s standards are mediocre,” reacted another user.

Last month, a video went viral showing several passengers without tickets crowding the Vande Bharat Express from Lucknow to Hardiwar. The video shows passengers boarding train number 22545 and desperately trying to find a seat.