A video shows that a New York man accused of hitting a woman at a Pride event acted in self-defense, a lawyer says

NEW YORK – The lawyer for a Manhattan banker allegedly beat woman at pride event in Brooklyn says additional video of the incident shows Jonathan Kaye acted in self-defense.

Kaye, 52, turned himself in to police on Monday and was charged with third-degree assault and threatening and second-degree harassment.

“Our client Jonathan Kaye was wrongfully accused based on a video released by professional agitators seeking to destroy him professionally and personally. Now, new video has surfaced that clearly shows, moment by moment, what happened on June 8th. These videos show more context prior to the incident for which our client was charged. When watching this video, it is clear that this was a vicious, hate-filled group attack on Jonathan Kaye and that he had a right to defend himself,” Kaye's attorney E. Danya Perry said in a statement Tuesday.

Perry did not share the video she referenced in her statement.

On Monday night, the woman who was beaten said the charges against Kaye were not harsh enough. The woman, named Micah, said Kaye broke her nose in four places and is now recovering.

“A severe concussion, which I'm still suffering from. Back pain. A black eye,” she said.

Micah, 38, told CBS New York's Naveen Dhaliwal that she was at a Brooklyn Pride event in Park Slope on June 8 when Kaye walked by and started yelling insults at her and her friends.

“He called us useful idiots,” Micah said.

When the group responded, Micah said, Kaye approached them.

“I threw water at him to stop him and he went completely mad,” she said. “He could have killed us.”

Micah said she wanted a tougher prosecution.

“The allegations against him are likely to be serious enough to influence his future decisions,” she said.

After the dispute, Kaye resigned from his position at Moelis & Co.