DC's Kingdom Come documentary announced with teaser trailer

“The Legend of Kingdom Come” will be released on Kickstarter in the fall.

One of DC's most iconic comic book stories is set to serve as inspiration for a new documentary. On Tuesday, a teaser trailer was unveiled for The Legend of Kingdom Comea new documentary about the making of Mark Waid and Alex Ross' groundbreaking 1996 miniseries Rich come. The Legend of Kingdom Come Remsy Atassi is directing and Sal Abbinanti is producing. A Kickstarter campaign for the documentary will be launched in the fall.

“Alex Ross can make almost anyone a comic book fan – when I met Alex in 2016, he did that to me,” says Remsy Atassi. “Alex's creations tap into the essential DNA of superheroes and elevate them to an almost mythical level. There is no better example than his 1996 book KINGDOM COME, which is an essential graphic novel because it looks like nothing else and has influenced so much. Over the course of over 30 interviews with key collaborators and industry icons, this project became a journey to discover just how deep that influence runs. The Legend of Kingdom Come is an exploration of the insane, tireless dedication that goes into producing this breathtaking art form – and what it takes for an artist to achieve greatness.”

what is The Legend of Kingdom Come Around?

The Legend of Kingdom Come This is an origin story about the iconic, best-selling graphic novel from the 90s Rich comethat take a look behind the scenes and into the mind of their illustrator: comic legend Alex Ross. For the first time, fans have the opportunity to hear directly from the creative team around Mark Waid and Alex Ross as well as a wide range of comic book greats in exclusive interviews and original recordings that talk about the legacy of Rich come and the evolution of the comics industry. The documentary features commentary from Todd McFarlane, Paul Dini, Julie and Shawna Benson, and others.

“I have loved drawing and reading about superheroes since I was a little kid,” Ross said in a statement. “When Mark and I Rich come– one of my earliest works – I wanted to do exactly what I loved. I put so much of myself and the people in my life into it. I knew it was special, but I had no idea it would have such an impact on comics, pop culture, and my career. I'm so proud that what we did then still resonates today. I hope people enjoy this film.”

“Working with Alex on Rich come was a highlight of my career,” Waid reiterated. “Seeing the scenes I had put on paper come to life under his brush was an unforgettable experience, and I can't wait for fans to finally get a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at what I consider to be Alex's greatest work.”