What Klay Draymond said in an emotional conversation before the Warriors were eliminated

What Klay Draymond said in an emotional conversation before the Warriors' elimination originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

The Warriors' dynastic trio of Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson was disbanded on Monday when the latter joined the Dallas Mavericks as an NBA free agent.

And while it wasn't a huge surprise to Dub Nation after reports surfaced over the weekend that Thompson was on his way out, the four-time NBA champion let his longtime teammates know in a final, heartfelt conversation last week that he wouldn't be returning to the Bay.

“I have to say, I don't really know what to make of it,” Green said in his first public comment since Thompson's departure on Tuesday's episode of his podcast. “Klay told us last week. I don't know who all he told, but I know he talked to me, I'm pretty sure he talked to Steph last week, and he just kind of… started talking about the years, like, '[It’s] was great. What we did is so special. You and Steph [are] my brothers forever.'

“And the conversation just starts as small talk, and you kind of prepare yourself, like, 'Man, take me there. I know what's coming.' You enjoy the conversation, but it's still one of those moments where someone builds you up before they freak you out… I was on my way to my daughter's concert, so I didn't get to go as deep into the conversation as I might have, which I think was kind of good for me, because when Klay told me, I could just listen, and it wasn't like he was saying, 'Hey, we could end it like this,' or 'You should rethink that.'

“It was just like, 'Wow, all right. Congratulations, brother, I'm happy for you. That's awesome,' obviously to assure that [this] Nothing changes for us. It changes the basketball court, of course, but the relationships stay what they are, they stay forever.”

Thompson, Green and Curry have created a dynasty in the Bay that will stand the test of time. And even though one half of the Splash Brothers will be wearing a different uniform next season, the trio's bond is one that will never be broken. That was evident in the way Thompson informed Green of his decision in advance.

“The connection, the bond, even to the point where we're all mentioned together – that's forever. That's never going to change, but it's – I don't know. I haven't really been able to process the feelings… This morning I may have shed a few tears, one or two, just sitting there thinking.”

There are moments in life that you can't prepare for, even if you see them coming from afar. And while Green is certainly excited about Thompson's next step in his NBA journey, it doesn't make saying goodbye to his friend any easier.

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