Ranking the prospects: Five-star point guard Darius Acuff Jr.

Five-star guardian Darius Acuff one of the country's leading scorers and has a long, extensive list of scholarship offers, but he has recently narrowed his focus to just four options as Kansas, Arkansas, UConn And Michigan are the only programs that remain in the running for his approval.

Today, Rivals national analyst Rob Cassidy lists the candidates for the signing of Acuff, who does not yet have a commitment date but could be out of the running in the near future.


Kentucky was one of the first to land Acuff, as John Calipari was the Wildcats’ coach, and the work the celebrated head coach did to build a bond with Acuff and his family seems to have translated seamlessly to Arkansas.

Acuff's visit to Fayetteville in May went well and appears to have put Calipari and his new program in the lead in recruiting scoring prospects.

There is enough time for Michigan or Kansas to make a move here since no commitment date has been announced, but Arkansas fans should be seriously optimistic. The sooner a commitment comes, the better for the Hawgs.



Was already considered a favorite Juwan Howard was removed as head coach, Michigan still feels like a player for Acuff as he continues to build a relationship with Dusty May and the Wolverines' new staff.

Acuff is a Detroit native who grew up rooting for Michigan and wanted to play for the program one day, but a coaching change at a crucial time in his recruitment opened the door for him to other programs. Now it appears the in-state program has some work to do to earn Acuff's commitment.


3. Kansas

Acuff's trip to Lawrence in April appears to have given Kansas a chance at recruiting the five-star player, but the Jayhawks are also well advanced with the No. 3 overall prospect. Darryn Petersonfor which they are considered leaders. Kansas still has plenty of time to reposition itself in Acuff's recruitment, but it seems the Jayhawks will give Peterson the preference if it comes down to an either/or situation.

However, Acuff was obviously intrigued by his official visit, so Self and Co. cannot be completely ruled out. If Peterson's interest later wanes, KU could court Acuff even more.



UConn seems to be the underdog in the Acuff sweepstakes, but that's not a big deal considering the Huskies are the frontrunners in signing five-star guards Maleek Thomas. It's unlikely they'll get both guards, and it looks like Acuff could be the one who goes elsewhere.

However, stranger things have happened in recruitment and it is difficult to rule out the reigning national champions who have won the title twice in a row.