Cate Blanchett bought a PS5 and played Borderlands to prepare for her movie role

Cate Blanchett is “really immersed in Borderlands” to prepare for her role as Lilith in the upcoming film.

When preparing for a role in the live-action adaptation of a video game series, it is entirely up to each individual actor whether they choose to play the game(s) first in order to fully immerse themselves in the content they will be bringing to life in another form of media. While in cases like Pedro Pascal, who played the role of Joel Miller in HBO's The last of us couldn't convince him to try the games, Cate Blanchett decided to take a different approach when she took on the central role in Lionsgate's upcoming Borderland film, as revealed in a new interview with Empire.

“My thumbs are barely big enough to control a phone, but I bought a PS5 and we played together,” Blanchett revealed during the interview, referring to her husband as her gaming partner. “I wanted to know the boundaries of the game and what the fans love about the character. I'm really immersed in that whole world. The cosplayers. The makeup tutorials on YouTube.”

With her role as Lilith, Blanchett becomes the undisputed leading actress of the Borderland film, and Blanchett is a strong enough actress to convincingly portray Lilith's tough nature – while there is still a lot of trepidation surrounding the film, there was never any question as to whether Blanchett would deliver a good performance, although there are still big questions about what Lionsgate and director Eli Roth's version of the character will look like. Regardless, Blanchett clearly enjoyed researching the role beforehand and expressed in the same interview that she enjoyed playing a role in the film as well, simply saying, “That gun thing was so much fun.”

Lilith is a lone outlaw when she comes to Pandora as an exterminator and one of the few Sirens in existence. In the games, Lilith is one of the playable characters in Borderlanda main character in Borderlands 2 And Borderlands: The Pre-Sequeland the deuteragonist of the latest entry in the main series of the game, Borderlands 3. Thanks to pre-premiere marketing materials and the film's official synopsis, we already know about some major changes to the character, including that Lilith's home planet is not Pandora in this version of Borderlands lore.

Borderlandwith its surprising (and probably completely wrong) ratings will be released in cinemas on August 9th.