Former Dallas Mavericks guard retires after brilliant 12-year NBA career

Former Dallas Mavericks guard Kemba Walker has decided to retire from basketball after 12 years in the NBA and spend his final year abroad. Despite only playing nine games with the Mavs in the 2022-23 season, he scored an explosion of 32 points against the Cavaliers in a Dallas jersey.

Walker made the announcement official on Carmelo Anthony's podcast, “7PM In Brooklyn.” Walker is a native New Yorker, and it must have been a cool moment for him to step away from a New York-only show.

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Most will remember Walker's career with the Charlotte Hornets, and rightfully so, but the Mavericks tried desperately to sign Walker in the 2019 offseason before he was traded to the Boston Celtics, ironically after current Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving left the Celtics to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Although he was only 29 years old when he signed with Boston, his knees were already pretty beat up and he only stayed with them for two seasons before being traded to the Thunder in exchange for Al Horford.

Walker was named to four All-Star games and made one of the most iconic shots in NCAA history: hitting Pittsburgh with a step-back jump shot. That season, he led UConn on an impressive run, winning the Big East and NCAA championships. With his retirement, the Mavs officially became the last NBA team he played for.

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