Mets player JD Martinez says ankle pain caused by new cleats

The Mets have scratched themselves JD Martinez from Tuesday's game against the Washington Nationals, the team described him as having pain in his left ankle, and now we know what caused it.

“If I'm being completely honest, I haven't received my shipment of cleats yet and had to try new cleats yesterday,” Martinez said after the Mets' 7-2 win. “Nothing happened yesterday. It felt great, the cleats felt great and this morning I woke up with pain in my ankle… I went to bat in the cage and I had a sharp pain in my ankle.”

Martinez explained the situation lightly, saying he had treatment for his ankle but did not know when he would be eligible to play again.

The Mets DH said he was wearing an Adidas branded shoe and his special cleats were backordered, so he was patient wait until they arrive.

“Just the movement and putting on a brand new shoe is something different,” he said.

Martinez says he wears through his cleats quickly because he rotates so much when he swings that the metal spikes drag. He says he probably wears a new pair every three to four games because otherwise he would slip in the box.

While he waits for his boots, he will continue to wear the ones from Monday's game that he ordered online, but he believes there was an additional spike that they didn't account for that could have caused the pain.

“We just took a blade and cut it out,” Martinez said. “We'll see.”

Martinez was originally the third batter in the team, but catcher Luis Torrens will replace the slugger as the Mets’ designated hitter. Torrens will be sixth behind Francisco Alvarez with Mark Vientos He moved up from fifth place and took Martinez's place on the third hole.

Martinez has played great for the Mets in his first season in Flushing. In 56 games this season, Martinez has a batting average of .278/.360/.853 with 10 home runs and 37 RBIs.