New “Winnie-the-Pooh” Christmas film and new TV series presented – without Disney’s involvement

Disney is not involved in the launch or production of the projects.

Shows and movies based on one of Disney's most famous characters are on their way to Amazon, but Disney is not involved. Deadline reports that the new projects are part of an ambitious plan by Kartoon Studios. The rollout on Amazon will begin with an animated Christmas film, followed by five Christmas specials and 104 episodes of a series. The rollout is planned for four years via the subscription children's network Kartoon Channel, which is distributed via Prime Video Channels.

Kartoon Studios launched the plan two years ago. In conjunction with the film and television projects, they are also preparing a major merchandising offensive. Their retail distribution partner is currently Alliance Entertainment, which plans to sell the goods worldwide.

“The use of AA Milnes’ enormous equity Winnie Poohthe unique designs and storytelling, and production efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence. The new version of Kartoon Studios' timeless brand will have an exceptional set of characteristics that we believe can lead to extraordinary profitability for the company,” said Andy Heyward, Chairman and CEO of Kartoon Studios, in a statement.

Pre-production of the holiday film, A Hundred Acre of Christmashas already begun. The film is scheduled to premiere on the streamer at Christmas 2025. Other series and films are scheduled to be released at a later date.

Viewers who subscribe to Kartoon Channel! through Prime Video have access to Winnie content. Kartoon Channel! will be distributed on other platforms such as Apple TV. There is a catch: initially, only those who subscribe through Amazon will have access. Other platforms will make the projects available later. The projects are part of a $30 million agreement and were acquired through various funding sources.

Cartoons Winnie Pooh is based on the designs and stories of the original character by AA Milne. The first book collection appeared in 1926, but the character had already been introduced a year earlier in a Christmas Eve story in the London Evening News.