This is what a planned California Forever lagoon would look like

(KRON) — California Forever, the group planning to build a new community in Solano County, released visualizations Tuesday of a possible lagoon that could be created in the center of the area.

California Forever has partnered with Crystal Lagoons, a company that has built man-made lagoons in 23 states. The facility would include a beach, water sports and an amusement park, California Forever said.

Image by California Forever

In addition to water sports, the area will also feature restaurants, cafes and other entertainment options, according to California Forever. The lagoon will be accessible to all Solano County residents.

“California has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, but it can be a long drive with heavy traffic and scorching summer heat just to get to the beaches where our families can cool off and have fun,” said Mike Fortney, Director of Partnerships at California Forever. “We are incredibly excited to bring a project like this to Solano County so all local families can enjoy a relaxing day on the sand and in the water without having to travel far from home.”

Depictions of the lagoon show a large blue mass of water with beaches around it populated by sun worshippers.

California Forever said it will have a surface area of ​​2.8 acres, enough to accommodate thousands of people. It could use salt or fresh water. Organizers are optimistic about the amount of water needed: “It will use 25 times less water than an average 18-hole golf course in Solano County and up to 100 times fewer chemicals than conventional swimming pools or drinking water treatment systems.”

Crystal Lagoons, which would be contracted to build lagoons, has completed more than 275 similar projects. The California Forever lagoon would be Crystal's second lagoon in the Golden State, after one planned for Disney's Southern California community.

The new community proposed by California Forever would require the rezoning of 17,500 acres of land in eastern Solano County. County residents will be able to vote on the new community in November.