Devils make fun of their rivals in video announcing the schedule

The Devils hilariously announced the dates of some of their most important games this season in a video that featured Dougie Hamilton's sense of humor with a guest appearance by Curtis Lazar.

In the video, the Devils defender is in a classroom, calls himself “Prof. Douglas D. Admin” and points to a map of the states where games are being played.

Hamilton, who has been with the Devils since 2021 when he signed a seven-year, $63 million contract as a free agent, first points to Pennsylvania to talk about the eight games they will play against the Flyers and Penguins.

“Penguins have wings but can't fly. Flyers have wings but they don't really exist,” says Hamilton after introducing the state as the home of both hockey clubs. “Nothing in this state makes sense.”

The video then turns its attention to the Empire State and the Devils' biggest rivals, the Rangers.

The Devils have gone all out when it comes to releasing their schedule.

Hamilton makes fun of the fact that the New York Times once named a pizzeria in Jersey City, New Jersey, the best pizza in New York.

“New York City, home of the New York Times, which once named the best pizza in New York as Razza’s pizza, which, like the Statue of Liberty, is in New Jersey,” jokes Hamilton.

Dougie Hamilton and Curtis Lazar appeared in the Devils schedule announcement video.
Dougie Hamilton and Curtis Lazar appeared in the Devils schedule announcement video.

After taking a swipe at Ohio, home of the Blue Jackets, the Islanders next came under fire for their comical attempt to announce next season's schedule.

“This little fish-stick strip is Long Island, pronounced 'Lawn-guy-land,'” says Hamilton. “Their main exports are Billy Joel, accents and a super-creative name for a hockey team.”

The NHL defenseman with the fake mustache almost fell out of character when he read the punchline in the video.

The Devils are trying to rebound from an ugly 2023-24 season that saw them miss the postseason with a record of 38-39-5.

They will open the regular season with two overseas games against the Sabres in Prague, Czech Republic.