Is a Warcraft 2 movie coming to Netflix soon? New speculations explained

Some alleged online trailers have convinced fans, Warcraft2 The film will be coming soon to Netflix.

The first Warcraft Film – set in Blizzard’s popular World of Warcraft World – was released in 2016. It brought the long-awaited conflict between the Alliance and the Horde to life on the big screen for the first time.

This first film could not meet the high expectations one would have of a Warcraft The film was a hit. The film grossed a mediocre $439 million at the worldwide box office and missed the critical mark with a score of 29% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Is Warcraft 2 coming to Netflix?

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Fans are convinced Warcraft2 will be released on Netflix after two trailers apparently surfaced online.

The first of these two alleged film marketing pieces was released in September 2023 and made a teaser for a film titled Warcraft 2: The Lich King. Nine months later, in early June, a second “trailer” for another Warcraft Movie, Warcraft 2: The Final Chapterfollowed.

Both of these previews gave a taste of an epic sequel to the original 2016 film, with hints of more Alliance vs. Horde action and the arrival of the iconic World of Warcraft character, the Lich King.

Although these trailers are convincing, they are not real and there are no Netflix-based Warcraft Sequel is in progress.

The promos were made by fans and have found their home on Foxstar Media's YouTube page, which is known for releasing well-edited concept trailers instead of legitimate marketing material.

Instead of new footage from any Warcraft2They mostly use footage from the first Warcraft Film and little things from World of Warcrafts iconic hyper-realistic cinema trailers.

Will there be a Warcraft 2 movie?

Just because these two Warcraft2 Just because movie trailers are fake doesn't mean all hope for a sequel is lost.

Warcraft Director Duncan Jones previously hinted that he believed a sequel to his 2016 flop was in the works. In 2017, he told fans on X (formerly Twitter) that he had to hold back some narrative aspects because they “would have been in movie 2” (via Nerdist).

Since then, Jones' Warcraft The prospects for a sequel seem to have stalled. In 2018, the filmmaker said a sequel that takes place in his vision of the popular video game series “does not look good.”

But just because Jones is not involved does not mean that someone else Warcraft The film will never be made.

Well-known entertainment insider Daniel Richtman (via Knighted Media) reported in 2020 that another Warcraft The film was developed at Legendary Pictures.

Although no such project has been officially given the green light, Warcraft2 was teased again in April 2024 by Warcraft Franchise Director John Hight.

In a conversation with IGN, Hight hinted that the idea of ​​another Warcraft Film would “certainly be interesting” but at Blizzard, games come first:

“[It would] certainly interesting. We make games and I think games will always be our core and Warcraft will be about that. I don't want to fall into the trap of saying, 'I'm going to be a filmmaker now.' I think that should be left to the people who really know what they're doing.”

But he would not rule out the idea of ​​another film adaptation. The Blizzard manager noted that if they find the right person for the project, then “absolutely” it could happen:

“If we can find talent in other media that share that love and passion for 'Warcraft,' then by all means. But I think I've seen, unfortunately, that some of my colleagues are excited about the idea of ​​becoming filmmakers and using the opportunity they have when they own or control the intellectual property to get into filmmaking. But there are so many professionals who have been doing this for so many years, [and] There could be dozens, if not hundreds, of films that could be adapted much better. I wouldn't let someone who has only made films develop a game like 'Warcraft,' would I? So I think finding partnerships like that is the right approach.”

While Warcraft2 is still unannounced, it seems to be only a matter of time before a second Warcraft film gets the green light. World of Warcraft is a huge intellectual property and therefore it would be naive to believe that the original plan was a one-off film series.

Warcraft is streamed on Netflix in the USA

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