Moog breaks the Labyrinth leak wall and announces the synthesizer for July 11

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Moog breaks the Labyrinth leak wall and officially announces the Labyrinth semi-modular analog synthesizer for July 11, 2024.

At Superbooth 24, Moog introduced the Spectravox, the finished version of the spectral processor that they had originally presented as a DIY project at MoogFest a few years ago. There was one more unplanned thing for the SB 24.

On the first day of Superbooth 24, a dealer leaked the Labyrinth, a West Coast semi-modular synthesizer that further expands Moog's product line. More leaks followed, including the first sound demos of the units sold this week.

Moog Labyrinth Leak

Now Moog has had enough, broken through the leak wall and announced the Labyrinth for July 11, 2024.

The rumors are true. We are excited to announce that Labyrinth will present their fresh take on the classic West Coast sound to the world on July 11th.

We can't wait to show you what our latest creation can do, so we've collaborated with incredible artists and developers to create product demos and presentations. Be sure to tune into our official channels on launch day!

Moog Labyrinth Leak

What a wild pre-announcement period for a product. The whole thing was supposed to be behind closed doors and under NDA, but it all happened right in front of the media, retailers, users and Moog. It felt like the information was in a maze too.

Moog confirmed in its post that it will be another semi-modular synth. Unlike previous models, this will be Moog's first West Coast synth powered by two flexible generative sequencers. It will have a main oscillator, a mod oscillator, a wave folder, a filter… and of course a patch matrix.

There are already some sound demos on YouTube from devices that were sold before the release. Many more demos will follow on July 11th. I hope I can tell you all the details then and maybe even show you a sound demo.

Moog Labyrinth will be released on July 11, 2024. According to retailers, it will cost $599/€699.

Further information will follow here: Moog

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