Texas Little League team disqualified from tournament without explanation – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

It is called the “Field of Dreams” and a group of 12-year-old boys from Tarrant County were there.

“It was our dream to play in the Little League World Series,” said Cooper Neumann.

“I watched it for three years straight. And I thought, 'Dad, can I try it? Can we try to be in it?'” Harrison Harper said.

It went well, very well in fact.

The boys won every single game they played and their parents said that was a problem.

“The allegations started with the idea that our team was probably too good,” said Greg Harper, the boys’ coach.

The team was accused of playing together before the boys were too old and did not live in the required area… everything they claimed to have proven was untrue.

“Water bills and all kinds of things you have to bring to prove your residency, and we took care of that too,” said Cyle Brossman, the assistant coach.

They thought it was over. Then the complaints went all the way to the Little League International Office in Pennsylvania.

These guys called the league president here in Texas and at the end of the call, the league president agreed to kick this undefeated team out of the league without providing any real explanation as to why.

“We said just give us an allegation and give us a reason why our kids were expelled. They said it was not our fault. We did nothing. You need to talk to your league president. He's the one who voluntarily expelled you,” Harper said.

The president did not respond to our requests for an explanation, but said in a letter and in conversations with parents that he was given an ultimatum to choose either to disband this team or to kick everyone out.

“That someone just takes that away from you, for no reason, for no reason at all. I mean, we wrote emails, called, no explanation, none at all,” said Michelle Peluso, a mother

We contacted Little League International, who released a statement saying:

“Another league participating in the Texas District 7 Tournament filed a protest with the Little League International Tournament Committee. Because the Tournament Committee's mission is to review situations that arise at all levels of the tournament and ensure that Little League rules, regulations and policies were implemented, the Tournament Committee reviewed the information contained in the protest and subsequently discussed it directly with the League President, after which the affected Fossil Creek Little League team voluntarily withdrew from the tournament. This withdrawal was accepted by the Tournament Committee and the Texas District 7 Little League Baseball Tournament continued on June 19, 2024 without the withdrawn team. Therefore, Little League International considers this matter closed.”

“Little League talks on their own website about their mantra or motto: 'I will play fair.' Well, that doesn't seem very fair, and not having an answer to that doesn't seem very fair,” Peluso said.

When a rule has been broken, they say they don't know which one.

For the guys who will be too old to play again next year, this is certainly a life lesson.

“I was disappointed. Yes. It was pretty cool to play on TV in front of so many people,” said Nicholas Brossman