LG launches its gamer-friendly wireless M4 OLED TV

LG OLED M4 wireless TV.

LG has announced the latest generation of its wireless OLED TV – the LG OLED evo M4 (originally announced at CES) – its official launch began on July 1st.

The new model brings two big changes that could earn it a place in homes where gaming is a big part of the entertainment mix. The first is the addition of 4K video at 144Hz. While that won't mean much to people who primarily watch movies and TV shows, it's a significant change for gamers who enjoy high frame rate games. With native support for a 144Hz refresh rate, those games will look even smoother than on the OLED evo M3, which maxed out at 4K/120Hz. Just keep in mind that the largest M4 – the 97-inch model – is still limited to 4K/120Hz.

Speaking of size, that's the other big change, and we're talking smaller, not bigger. The M4 is now the first 65-inch wireless OLED TV – the smallest (and cheapest) wireless OLED TV yet.

LG hasn't yet released the M4 on its US website, so we can't reveal exact pricing or shipping dates. However, we can offer an educated guess based on LG's Hong Kong website, which lists the 65-inch M4 at HK$44,980. At today's exchange rate, that's about US$5,756.

LG says the new M4 also gets the new α (Alpha) 11 AI processor, which will also be used in LG's other 2024 OLED models, like the new OLED G4. Does this new processor matter? Our reviewer definitely thought so, saying the G4 is “the most powerful and versatile OLED TV I've ever tested.”

These new features come on top of the M-Series' huge advantage of being able to deliver audio and video completely wirelessly, meaning you can mount the panel almost anywhere there's a power outlet without the need for HDMI cables. If you're in any doubt about whether wireless video works as well as wired video, read our in-depth review of last year's OLED M3, which puts those fears to rest.