Leaked poll by Democratic firm spells disaster for Biden

Pucks Peter Hamby got hold of a “confidential poll memo” from the Democratic data firm OpenLabs, which showed that President Joe Biden's The performance in the debates has ensured that the states that were once firmly dominated by the Democratic Party are back up for grabs in November.

Hamby wrote that the memo “circulating among concerned Democrats confirms some of their worst fears,” as the data showed that Biden's disastrous debate against Trump caused him to slip even further in the polls. “Biden's weakened standing now puts previously uncompetitive states like New Hampshire, Virginia and New Mexico in play for Donald Trump”, wrote Hamby.

Biden's 1.5 percentage point lead in Virginia has suddenly shifted to 0.6 percentage points over Trump, while Trump's 0.5 percentage point lead in New Hampshire is now 2.8 percentage points. The data also shows that Biden is no longer the strongest candidate to run against Trump, as the alternatives are now doing better in the polls.

“The memo was compiled after the debate by OpenLabs, a progressive nonprofit that conducts polling and news testing for a number of Democratic groups, including the 501(c)

4 nonprofit affiliated with Future Forward, the preferred Super PAC for Biden's re-election campaign,” Hamby wrote of the memo's source, adding that OpenLabs is not particularly well-known or transparent, but “their data-driven memos are trusted in Democratic circles and are typically shared with a small group of clients and strategists.”

Vice President Kamala HarrisGovernor of Michigan Gretchen WhitmerGovernor of California Gavin Newsom, and Minister of Transport Pete Buttigieg “polled ahead of Biden in every swing state. (Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, beats Trump by a wide margin in her home state.) OpenLabs conducted a similar poll in September and found no differences between these Democrats and Biden,” Hamby noted as the data's key finding.

The poll, conducted 72 hours after Thursday's debate, also found that 40 percent of 2020 Biden voters now believe the president should resign, up from just 25 percent in May.

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