This week's bestsellers at Southern California's independent bookstores – Daily News

The Midnight Feast, a novel by Lucy Foley, is one of the best-selling novels in Southern California's independent bookstores. (Courtesy of William Morrow)

The SoCal Indie Bestsellers list for the sales week of June 30 is based on reports from Southern California's independent booksellers, the California Independent Booksellers Alliance, and IndieBound. To find an independent bookstore near you, visit


1.James: Percival Everett

2. The women: KristinHannah

3. The Midnight Festival: Lucy Foley

4. The Ministry of Time: Kaliane Bradley

5. Funny story: Emily Henry

6.Sandwiches: Catherine Newman

7. Table for Two: Fictions: Cupid Towles

8. On all fours: Miranda July

9. Still the same: Claire Lombardo

10. All Colors of Darkness: Chris Whitaker


1. On call: The path of a doctor in public service: Anthony Fauci, MD

2. The creative act: A way of being: Rick Rubin

3. The Demon of Unrest: A saga of hubris, heartbreak and heroism at the beginning of the Civil War: Eric Larson

4. The Friday Afternoon Club: A Family Memoir: Griffin Dunne

5. The Anxious Generation: How the Great Restructuring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness: Jonathan Haidt

6. What this comedian said will shock you: Bill Maher

7. Somehow: Thoughts on love: Anne Lamott

8. Democracy or Else: How to Save America in 10 Easy Steps: Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor

9. The Wager: A Story of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murder: David Grann

10. Inventing Paradise: The rulers who created the Los Angeles dream: Paul Haddad


1. Dune: Frank Herbert

2. Mistborn: The Last Empire: Brandon Sanderson

3. A Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin

4. The secret: Lee Child, Andrew Child

5. Dune Messiah: Frank Herbert

6. Jurassic Park: Michael Crichton

7. Animal Farm: George Orwell

8. And then there was none: Agatha Christie

9. 1984: George Orwell

10. The Fellowship of the Ring: The Lord of the Rings: Part 1: J.R.R. Tolkien


1. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow: Gabrielle Zevin

2. Not in love: Ali Hazelwood

3. A Court of Thorns and Roses: Sarah J. Maas

4. Lady Tan’s Women’s Circle: Lisa See

5. Play it as it is: Joan Didion

6. The Seven Men by Evelyn Hugo: Taylor Jenkins Reid

7. Happy Place: Emily Henry

8.Circe: Madeline Miller

9. The Alchemist: Paul Coelho

10. This summer will be different: Carley Fortune