Watch video from inside Hurricane Beryl as it moved through the Caribbean.

A drone flown into the center of Hurricane Beryl in the Caribbean captured video of the rare Category 5 cyclone that showed scenes like those seen only in the movies.

On Tuesday, operators of the unmanned surface vehicle said it encountered 7.5-meter-high waves and wind speeds of over 100 km/h south of Puerto Rico.

“Saildrone and NOAA launched the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Mission earlier this year, with Saildrone Explorer SD-1041 intercepting the edge of Hurricane Beryl about 100 nautical miles south of Puerto Rico. As it approached the northern edge of the then-Category 5 hurricane, SD-1041 experienced increased wind speeds and significant wave height, along with a drop in pressure and several rapid drops in air temperature from associated rainbands,” the company said.

The first major hurricane a saildrone ever passed through was Hurricane Sam in 2021. The Category 4 hurricane formed off the coast of Africa and was intercepted by a drone during its closest flyby of Bermuda.

At the time, Saildrone Inc. stated that its machine had to withstand 15-meter-high waves and wind speeds of over 190 km/h.

The Guinness Book of Records later confirmed that the drone had recorded the highest wind speed ever recorded by an unmanned surface vehicle, at 203.1 km/h.

Saildrone deploys record number of 12 drones to hunt hurricanes in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

The automated floating weather stations are remotely controlled and built to withstand the worst of Mother Nature.

The bright orange drones are about seven meters high and are controlled remotely via satellite.

The data collected during a storm is intended to help meteorologists make more accurate forecasts, especially in terms of intensity.

According to NOAA, over the past decade the accuracy of hurricane trajectories has become greater than that of the storms themselves. This could be related to warming oceans.

The company had previously stated that it would have a dozen drones to monitor hurricanes in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico by 2023.


Beryl was the easternmost hurricane to form in the Atlantic basin in June and the earliest Category 5 hurricane on record.

The hurricane made landfall in Carriacou, Grenada, on July 1 as a strong Category 4 cyclone.

Authorities said they had not yet surveyed the worst-hit islands in the Caribbean, but knew of thousands of damaged homes and a death toll that had risen to at least six in the hours after the disaster.

Further impacts were expected in Jamaica and Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula before the cyclone dissipates with rain after making landfall in the western Gulf of Mexico.