Why are Halloween decorations already available for purchase in the Hudson Valley?

Every year, the holidays seem to start earlier. At the height of the pandemic lockdown, people chose to put up their Christmas decorations in the spring to spread a little joy during these tough times.

However, it seems that this tradition of starting Christmas decorations early has not really disappeared. In fact, it feels like it is getting worse?

Early Christmas decorations in the Hudson Valley

This week I stopped to pick up some canvases and couldn't believe what I saw when I walked into the store. No, don't worry, it wasn't Christmas decorations yet.

What I saw before me was a wide selection of orange and purple Halloween decorations. Yes, Halloween decorations are already available in the Hudson Valley as of July 1st!

As someone who truly loves fall and Halloween, even I wasn't too pleased to be inundated with this sight already. Halloween is only 4 months away. And while I may be part of the population that starts decorating for the holiday on the last day of August, July 1st just seems ridiculous to me. Summer officially started just 9 days before this Halloween decoration appeared!

Why the early Christmas decorations?

According to Forbes, many stores display their Christmas decorations as early as possible to gain an advantage over the competition and give shoppers the illusion that they could have spent more money on gifts.

Being able to buy Christmas decorations early allows shoppers to put some pressure on their wallets during the busy holiday season. If you can buy your decorations before mid-November and spend the rest of your upcoming paycheck on gifts, you'll feel like you have more money to spend.

This is all fine for a holiday like Christmas, when people like to buy presents, but what other expenses do you incur on Halloween besides candy?

According to a study by Modern Retailer, most stores move their Halloween promotions to the summer because sales tend to be low during this time.

Some Halloween fans are willing to spend money on their decorations during the summer, providing a small but noticeable boost in sales for these retailers.

Where can you buy Halloween decorations in the Hudson Valley?

As you might have guessed, Michael's in Poughkeepsie is the culprit. However, if you're looking for Halloween decorations or even Christmas decor this summer, Michael's already has a great selection of both on their website.

Whether we like it or not, as long as stores continue to make money with their early Christmas offers, the rest of us will have to put up with the unwelcome early arrivals.

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