Foolio’s hacked IG comments on leaked photo of his alleged murderer

The Foolio saga continues. The rapper was shot and killed in Tampa, Florida on June 23. Usually, the rap community mourns the deceased, but the drama surrounding Foolio is drowning out the grief. The rapper's frenemy, Yungeen Ace, has released two diss tracks since the shooting. Even more bizarre, Foolio's Instagram has remained active. The account has posted videos and even left the odd comment on Yungeen Ace's disses. The account was silent over the weekend, but returned with a vengeance on July 2.

That day, a photo of the rapper's alleged killer surfaced online. The photo is blurry because it was uploaded by the account Riemoh, but Foolio commented on it anyway. “Demigod,” the account wrote, with a purple demon emoji. It may seem confusing out of context, but this is an expression Foolio used while he was alive. During a No Jumper interview in 2024, the rapper told the host that he could never die. “I'm not going anywhere,” he claimed. “I'm a demigod. Y'all can't get me.” Foolio then posted the interview on his Instagram with the caption, “I'll never die, I'm a demigod.”

Foolio's IG wrote “demigod” under the blurry photo

The “Demi God” post also confirms that someone or a group of people has retained control of the rapper's social media. Some fans have theorized that the police took control of the account in order to find the rapper's killer. Then there are those who believe that Foolio's mother is commenting from his account, but that doesn't explain the strange, cryptic nature of the comments/posts.

Foolio's mother made a public statement after the rapper's death. It was direct and sincere. She also announced that she would make a documentary about Foolio's life. “The story that only I can tell because I can tell the truth from the fakes,” she wrote. “I think [I’m] the ONLY mother who [keeps] it is real, while MOST others know [damn] so what was going on. with her OWN sons.” Foolio's mother has no problem speaking her mind, so it's logical that she would admit she was the one posting under her son's name. Hopefully the IG user's true identity will be revealed at some point.

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