National Website: Realistic expectations for every Miami basketball transfer in the 2024/25 season

Isaac Trotter examined the six new additions to Miami from other programs in his Tuesday post, “Realistic Expectations for Every 2024-25 ACC Basketball Transfer.” Expectations vary for the six new additions to Miami's basketball program in the 2024-25 season.

Trotter projects that two of the new players will start for Miami, three will be in the rotation and the sixth will provide depth but likely won't get much playing time. Miami's 2024 basketball transfer class is ranked 29th overall in the 247Sports rankings. Two of Miami's 2024 new players are ranked in the top 100 nationally.

Miami has signed center Lynn Kidd, forwards Brandon Johnson, Kiree Huie and Yussif Basa-Ama, and guards Jalen Blackmon and AJ Staton-McCray. One of Miami head coach Jim Larranaga's stated goals in the season-ending press conference was to expand Miami's roster for 2024-25.

Kidd and Johnson are expected to be starters in the 2024-25 season, while Matthew Cleveland will play in a much larger frontline for Miami. Huie is touted as a key backup in the frontcourt who will give Miami a defensive presence they didn't have last season.

Miami transfer


Height Weight

Previous school

AJ Staton-McCray

Rifle Guard

6-5 / 180


Kiree Huier


6-9 / 200

State of Idaho

Yussif Basa-Ama

Power forward

6-9 / 200


Jalen Blackmon


6-3 / 180


Lynn Kidd


6-10 / 220

Virginia Tech

Brandon Johnson

Power forward

6-8 / 222

East Carolina

Player. graduate. Lynn Kidd. 6'10 C. 447. . Lynn Kidd. Lynn Kidd. . 6'10 Center

Trotter praised Kidd as one of the best low-post scorers in college and someone who has great hands. At 6-foot-10, Kidd should provide Miami with better interior defense, but he's not a great shot blocker. With Blackmon, Nijel Pack and 2024 signee Jalil Bethea on the perimeter, Trotter said it will be difficult to double-cover Kidd.

F. Player. . . Brandon Johnson. 932. 6'8 Forward. Brandon Johnson. Brandon Johnson. Graduate

Trotter explained: “Johnson is highly underrated (and) he has great range and is fearless.” 247Sports previously called Kidd and Johnson the perfect transfer partners. Johnson gives Miami size and shooting power as a stretch four and should fit well into Jim Larranaga's offense.

. Player. Senior. Jalen Blackmon. G. Jalen Blackmon. 2311. Jalen Blackmon. . 6'3

Trotter sees Blackmon as part of the backcourt rotation for Miami. Expect Blackmon to start the season alongside Pack, with Bethea coming off the bench. Blackmon and Pack would be a small backcourt, but Miami has a larger frontline this season. Blackmon was ranked 14th nationally in 2023-24, averaging 21.3 points per game.

6'5. Redshirt Junior . Player. . 2474. GAJ Stanton-McCray. AJ Stanton-McCray. . AJ Stanton-McCray

“Staton-McCray looks like an elite role player,” Trotter said. At 6'5″, Stanton-McCray should be able to defend both backcourt positions and small forward. In addition to being an excellent defender, Stanton-McCray has made over 40 percent of his three-point shots over the past two seasons.

Senior. Kiree Huie. 2331. Kiree Huie. . C/F. 6'9. . Kiree Huie. Player

Trotter's realistic expectation that Huie will be the backup center for Miami is accurate. Huie averaged 11.3 points, 5.8 rebounds and 1.2 blocks per game for Idaho State last season. Miami will have far more experience and size on the interior in 2024-25. Huie and Kidd will be key players.

Next. 2 transfers from Miami were named as the best pure fits for their respective positions nationwide. 2 transfers from Miami were named as the best pure fits for their respective positions nationwide. dark

. 6'8. . Student. Yussif Basa-Ama. Striker. Player. 2394. Yussif Basa-Ama. Yussif Basa-Ama

Basa-Ama played in 13 games off the bench, including one start, and averaged 1.1 PPG and 1.1 rebounds in 2024-25. Miami will have good insurance off the bench behind Johnson, Kidd and Huie with Basa-Ama in case of injuries or foul trouble. Miami significantly improved its depth and size through the 2024 transfer portal.