Wallace & Gromit: New Christmas film with famous villain

Image description, Feathers McGraw is back in a new Wallace & Gromit adventure

Wallace & Gromit return to our screens this Christmas in a brand new movie.

The film features a fan-favorite villain: the mischievous penguin Feathers McGraw.

“Vengeance Most Fowl” follows Wallace and Gromit as they come face to face with their arch enemy.

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What is Wallace & Gromit?

Image source, Aardman / PA

Image description, Wallace and Gromit appeared in books, films and on television and even had their own stamp

Wallace is a man who loves cheese and lives with his dog Gromit.

Over the years they have had many adventures together in various films and television shows.

You may also know the Wallace & Gromit spin-off “Shaun the Sheep”.

Wallace and Gromit consists of Stop the motion animation.

This is a filming technique where you take many pictures of a subject, move it slightly between each picture, and then combine these images into a video.

The figures and designs are all made of clay.

What is the new film about?

Image description, Wallace and Gromit fight against an out-of-control gnome

Nick Park, director and creator of “Wallace & Gromit,” says fans have long asked him about the fate of the devious penguin.

“We enjoyed bringing him back for a short time, but now, three decades later, it seemed like the right time,” he said.

In the movie, Nick says that Wallace is inventing a new device called the “Smart Gnome.”

“Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning: What if Feathers had something to do with those gnomes?

“We hope this film will appeal to fans of 'Gnome Noir' everywhere and that people will be pleased to see what Feathers has done since The Wrong Trousers.”

The film will be released on BBC One and iPlayer at Christmas.