Barry Keoghan + Sabrina Carpenter are so cute

Pop's newest It Girl has done it again. Following the release of the first big song of the summer, “Espresso,” Sabrina Carpenter has released a life-changing music video for her new single, “Please Please Please.” Following the successful video for “Espresso,” Carpenter has really outdone herself with the video for this new banger—especially since it stars her boyfriend, Oscar nominee Barry Keoghan.

Keoghan has already proven that he has what it takes to be a charismatic music video star. The final scene of Saltburn certainly won me over – not because he was naked, but because he showed off his graceful dancing skills. It's easy to see why Carpenter wanted to cast him in her new video, aside from the fact that they're together.

It also sounds like the song could be about Keoghan, which is another reason to spotlight him here. “I heard you were acting,” Carpenter sings on the synthpop track, which she also commented on Keoghan's Instagram post announcing the video. The rest of the song finds Carpenter begging her new boyfriend not to mess things up by publicly embarrassing himself… so, yeah, I'd say it's about Keoghan. Not that he's that embarrassing, but without naming names, Carpenter has been let down by messy boyfriends in the past.

The music video seems to pick up directly from the plot of the “Espresso” video, in which Carpenter is in prison after being taken from the beach. There she meets a handsome escapee with bright dimples – that's Keoghan, of course. The new couple tries to navigate the world outside of prison, but Keoghan's rough and tough character can't stop getting into legal trouble. He kills a man. Carpenter rolls her eyes as if to say, “Don't again.“ Bonnie and Clyde are back!

Fans of Carpenter – and also of Keoghan, because let’s not pretend that he hasn’t built up his own fan base after Saltburn And The Banshees of Inisherin– gushed about the couple's official reveal as soon as the video dropped on Thursday night. “HARD START TO THE CENTURY,” tweeted one fan, “HOW SABRINA AND BARRY ARE THE COUPLE YOU ARE!”

And if you need another reason to cheer them on, Keoghan only follows one person on Instagram. Who could that be? How sweet – it's Carpenter. They only have eyes for each other.

Carpenter has a whole album, Short and sweetwhich is set to hit theaters on August 23. Although Carpenter herself is petite, measuring less than 5'8″, Keoghan isn't much taller – reportedly only 5'8″. Perhaps this is another nod to their relationship? One can only hope.