Five new additions to the Arizona basketball team arrive on campus

Things are starting to come together for the 2024-25 Arizona women's basketball team. Apartments are in place. Numbers have been handed out. Most importantly, five of the program's newest additions have arrived on campus and are participating in offseason workouts.

The Wildcats will welcome seven new recruits this season. Three are freshmen and four have come from other programs. This group arrived in Tucson last weekend, with freshmen Lauryn SwannTransfer to North Carolina Paulina ParisTransfer to South Carolina Sahnya Jahand Pepperdine transfer Joryn Ross settle in first.

A few days later, FIU transferred Ajae Yoakum arrived and joined 11 of her 13 new teammates. Only the two international newcomers have not yet landed in the city.

The group gathered at the head coach’s house Adia Barnes and her husband Salve Cup over the weekend before switching back into conditioning mode at the beginning of the week.

There were other things to do as well. The program finally had the Squad 2024-25although it is incomplete. Currently, the 12 players who are in town this summer are listed with their jersey numbers. The two international newcomers are not yet in the official squad.

The jersey numbers of all 14 players have been posted on social media. The only returning player to change her number is second-year forward Brooklyn Rhodeswill wear number 14 next season. It will be Arizona’s first number 14 since Sam Thomas their eligibility to play will expire in 2021–22.

Swann takes over the number 1, which was last used by Courtney Blakely during the 2023–24 season.

Yoakum will wear number 5. This number has not been used since Koi Love wore it in 2021-22.

Jah is wearing the No. 11 jersey that Rhodes wore last season. This is a change from her freshman year at South Carolina, when she wore the No. 24 jersey for the Gamecocks.

German Guard Mailien Rolf will wear the number 13 upon her arrival and will follow in the great footsteps of Helena Pueyo. Pueyo was 13 years old for the last five seasons.

Paris wore number 2 in North Carolina, but excitedly announced that she would return to number 23 after moving to Arizona. This number was last worn by Lauren Fields during the 2022-23 season.

Ross will keep the No. 24 jersey she wore as a freshman at Pepperdine. Arizona hasn't had a No. 24 since. Bryce Nixon last wore it in 2019-20.

The other international freshman, Katarina Knezevicwill wear the number 34. That was Maya Nnaji's number during 2022-23 and part of 2023-24.