Discover the Ciénaga de Mallorquín Ecopark

The Ciénaga de Mallorquín, a lagoon north of Barranquilla on Colombia's Caribbean coast, is something special – even for a country rich in natural beauty and biodiversity. The estuary wetland is an essential part of the city's identity and was formed by the confluence of the Magdalena River and the sea. It is home to four of the five mangrove species found in Colombia and is full of diverse flora and fauna – including an incredible variety of birds.

Unfortunately, this delicate habitat has been under threat for decades. This began with the construction of the Bocas de Ceniza canal almost 100 years ago and has continued with the rapid expansion of cities. Together, this has led to extreme pollution and the erosion of the delicate habitat of the mangrove forests and their diverse inhabitants.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ecoparque Ciénaga de Mallorquín)

Ciénaga de Mallorquín: a paradise for ecoparks in Colombia