What are we all playing this weekend?

This week is busy. There have been a ton of games announced in the last few days, and there will undoubtedly be even more this weekend. Most of them we can't play yet. But usually, talking about games makes us want to play games, even if they have nothing to do with them. Everyone has those moments when they see the trailer for a new multiplayer hero shooter or something and, for reasons known only to them, say, “Yeah, I really need to play more Simpsons: Hit And Run.” So: here's what we're all clicking on this weekend!

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I hope I get to be at a game that I can't talk about. Honestly, it's difficult not to talk about it. Otherwise, I'll be back to watching Love Island, right? Horrible, I know (I love it).

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is gone.

I had to unexpectedly stop playing the Flock demo earlier this week and now have a bird adoption thing to take care of.

I'm going to be checking out some Steam Next Fest demos that I didn't get a chance to review for the site this weekend. More specifically, I'm really intrigued by Hollowbody, a PS2-esque survival horror experience developed primarily by one developer that puts the player in the role of a fixer navigating the ruins of a destroyed British city in the near future. I love the way it looks and how, if I blink, I can vaguely imagine myself walking the shadowy corridors of my street, only it's a version of my street infested with wriggling things that want to kill me. Then there's the 8-hour demo of Enotria: The Last Song, my sweet Italian summer-themed Soulslike that's in danger of being completely forgotten because so many other Soulslikes are coming out this year. Edwin liked the demo quite a bit, but other impressions paint the game as pretty shoddy. The game's Twitter account even makes a point to point out that it's an “AA” game, not a “AAA” game… which of course means it's exactly the kind of underdog game I have to root for.

I have a few big projects coming up, so I'll probably play something relatively relaxed this weekend. Maybe I'll try out a few more demos from Steam Next Fest, or continue with my A Little To The Left playthrough. A Little To The Left is a charming puzzle game that has you helping to organize clutter. Putting away virtual household items is much more satisfying than actually cleaning your own house. It did really well when it first released in 2022, but as is my wont, I missed the boat back then.

There's a wide range of games to choose from this weekend. Felvidek, which I hope to write about soon – it reminds me of Fear and Hunger in a lot of ways. More Doom Eternal. Some Elden Ring. Maybe some Grindstone, which I've been playing again recently. Other than that, I'm mainly going to fart a lot. I've been on the diet of a whiny toddler with a drinking problem for a week now, so I plan to get back into the green smoothies.

Like the others in the treehouse, I'll be playing a top secret game that I can't say much about. And oh boy, am I excited. So excited that I might have to take regular breaks to recover by playing a little Hades 2.

But you, dear reader, what are you playing this weekend?