Why I envision a future of effortless video creation with Google Vids

The central theses

  • Google Vids uses Gemini AI to brainstorm ideas for video presentations.
  • Vids offers various presentation templates for individual design.
  • You can add voiceovers and archive videos and collaborate on video presentations in real time.

Google has long tried to make working life easier. Whether it was inventing Gmail, which has become the world's most popular email provider, or Google Drive, which includes many free productivity and organization apps, Google has used its technology to capture a large share of usage by professional institutions. The company has tried to, and succeeded in, creating its own version of presentation software, spreadsheets, word processors, and more.

One of the latest forays into the professional workspace (yes, it will be part of Google Workspace) is Google Vids. Announced in April, the app will make it easier for companies, teams, or team members to collaborate on different projects by simplifying the sharing and creation of videos. It will combine Gemini AI's technology with other Google features to speed up the process of creating videos for work projects.


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Adding Google's Gemini AI to my browser made some efficient changes that I didn't even know I needed.

For people who need to create pitches or slideshow presentations for their work, Vids could be the future as it is an AI-driven video presentation software application. If you're looking for help with your latest pitch or presentation, Vids can help you with that. It's not available yet and we're not sure when it will be fully available. But what can you expect from Vids when it comes out? Here's a list.

Google Videos

Google Videos

Google Vids, announced on April 9, 2024, is a video creation app in Google Workspace designed for work-related videos such as training and updates. It is currently being tested by some Google Workspace Labs users and will be available in public beta in summer 2024. The app offers AI-powered storyboarding and enables collaborative projects with a limit of three-minute videos.

1 It can provide the basis for a video presentation

Use Gemini to research

Gemini side panel

Bag Fluff

When you use Vids, you can type into the program and let it come up with ideas for a presentation. Using Gemini AI's chatbot feature, you can give it a command like “Help me plan a slideshow for my pitch about dog bowls” or whatever you want to use for your campaign. Vids uses Gemini to come up with multiple ideas for you and your company's presentation, so you can click on them for more information.

This is similar to the way you use Gemini now on a desktop, in that you have a conversation with it by asking it a question through a prompt. Now you can use this technology when researching a topic for your presentation, rather than having to use it in the Gemini software and then apply it to a presentation creation program like Keynote or Google Slides. You can use your slide creation skills to turn it into a video.


I added Gemini to my Chrome browser. Here's how you can do it too

Adding Google's Gemini AI to my browser made some efficient changes that I didn't even know I needed.

2 It can shape your presentation

Choose from a range of templates or customize one

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides just got some new mobile features Photo 1

After you have created a foundation for your presentation, you can design it however you want. This is to make designing a presentation easier, and using templates for the presentations provided in Vids can help you meet your deadline. Of course, you can create one from scratch and adapt one of the ones you already have, but if you want to use one of the ready-made ones, that is an option. There are many options to choose from, so you probably won't have to repeat a presentation style for a while.

If you want to add stock videos found in Google's library to your video presentation, Vids lets you do that. You can even have Vids analyze what your video is about and suggest possible video clips for you to add. Imagine being able to choose from a library of clips instead of a library of WordArt?


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3 Add a voiceover to your presentation

Record yourself with Google Speak

wireless iphone microphone-EJCC-Review-0075

EJCC Wireless iPhone Microphone

If you want to include some pre-recorded messages in your presentation, Vids makes it easy to do so. It uses Google Speak technology to record your voice for your project. You can transcribe it using Google's transcription technology and insert the transcription into a slide, or use the voice recording as part of the experience.

You can also film yourself in Vids and use that video for the presentation if you want. As you record voice or video, you can share those clips with other team members to get their feedback before including them in the final presentation. If you don't want to use your own voice for the presentation, you have a number of default options as well as accents to pronounce the words written in your presentation.


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4 Edit it in real time

Google Gemini

Google/ Pocket Lint

When putting together your Vids presentation, you need to remember that it is similar to a slideshow in that it moves from one part of the presentation to the next in a progressive timeline. If you want someone from your team to edit or comment on the presentation as you create it, they can do so using the collaborative tool. Not only can they leave comments on a specific part of the video, but they can also click on an object in the video and leave a comment on it.

When they do so, their name will be displayed and it will show that they made a note about that particular part of the video. Much like leaving a comment about a particular word in a word processor, this makes it clear what the person is actually talking about. And if a team member actually wants to delete part of the video while the presentation is running, they can do so and the person presenting doesn't have to tell anyone to “skip a slide” while going through the presentation.


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5 Share it quickly

Just like the other apps

Google Drive

Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash / Pocket-Lint

Just like you share the link to a Google Doc or invite someone to edit a Google Sheet, you can send a link for others to collaborate on a video. This is another way to get people to leave comments and share their feedback. It's meant to be a collaborative workplace tool, but it's built on AI-powered video. Instead of downloading the MP4 file of the presentation, it's faster to share the link to the video for others to collaborate on. Just like you can choose what level of access people have when editing a document or spreadsheet, you can give collaborators editing rights or simply allow them to watch the video.


Q: When will Google Vids be available?

Google plans to test the feature in beta this summer. Some Google developers are already using it.

Q: When might Google Vids be launched publicly?

It is not known when Google Vids will officially launch, but it could be sometime in the fall, as the beta test is planned for the summer.

Q: Will it be available on mobile immediately?

No. Initially it will only be available for use on desktop or laptop computers. A mobile version will follow later.