According to PFF, Arkansas football returns to the SEC with two highest-rated edge rushers

Pro Football Focus (PFF) has released a graphic showing the highest-rated returning edge rushers in the SEC. Two from Arkansas football are on the list.

Landon Jackson just made the list with a 75.7 grade from PFF. The 6-foot-4 bulldozer may have the lowest rating on the list, but he's arguably the team's most important returning player. The only major setback for the defensive line was Trajan Jeffcoat being ineligible, so most of the performance there carried over to this season.

Jackson was also a surefire candidate for the 2024 NFL Draft despite Arkansas' overall record. Instead, he stayed with Arkansas. Anytime a coach can convince a player who was headed to the league to stay, it's a win. When Jackson announced his decision to return, he said he needed to finish his career “much better” than 4-8. “Four wins was not acceptable. Not at all,” he said. For the Razorbacks, of course, Jackson's return to Arkansas could play a crucial role in getting the Hogs back to a respectable record.

The other Arkansas player in PFF's highly rated rankings is returning to college football, but he's not a returning player for Arkansas. It's Anton Juncaj. The transfer from Albany crushed the FCS in 2023, collecting 55 tackles, 34 solo, 21.5 tackles for loss (118 yards), 15 sacks and three pass deflections. Sure, it's against FCS competition, but those are still impressive numbers to put up at any level.

With a grade of 91.6, Juncaj leads the SEC's edge rushers heading into the 2024 season. How much of that translates to the SEC remains to be seen, but in the spring game he seemed to hold his own against the first-team offensive line.

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