Fans shut down website after Taylor Swift releases Christmas gifts

Swifties crashed Taylor Swift's store website after announcing the release of new holiday items at 3 p.m. EST.

The “Christmas Tree Farm” singer has revamped her merchandise store ( to capitalize on everyone's holiday shopping for “Swiftmas” (a term trademarked by Swift). If you buy all 60+ ornaments from the 10 eras (priced $15-25 each), it would cost $1,240.

It's no surprise that the site was down for an hour. According to, 9% of Americans plan to purchase a gift related to Taylor Swift. According to their 2023 Porch Pirate report, this includes tickets, merchandise, or clothing.

Taylor Nation posted on Instagram an hour and a half before the drop: “It's been a long time coming but the countdown has begun. 🎄 Those of you dreaming of holly and ribbons, we'll see you in 89 minutes! Store.TaylorSwift.Com.”

As the clock struck 0:00, fans could click “Enter” to see a website with lightly falling snow surrounding the “Lover House,” a home that symbolizes Swift's 10 eras. The interactive graphic allows users to click on each room of the house to purchase the corresponding era.

“Taylor loves Christmas, so I wish us all a happy Swiftmas,” said Lauren Lipman, a YouTube influencer who hosts the weekly program “Taylor Swift Tuesday.”

Fans who clicked on the mailbox could decorate a tree, generating an electronic Christmas card that could be shared on social media.

Taylor Swift tree for fans to decorate and share on

Taylor Swift tree for fans to decorate and share on

On the main interactive graphic, you can purchase all individual ornaments or “add all to cart” by clicking on the tree on the right side of the screen. Here are the total number of ornaments per era:

  • Debut: 2 ornaments, total $35

  • Fearless: 3 ornaments, total $60

  • Now speaking: 6 ornaments, total $125

  • Red: 9 ornaments, total $205

  • 1989: 4 ornaments, total $75

  • Reputation: 4 ornaments, total $90

  • Lovers: 7 ornaments, total $150

  • Folklore: 7 ornaments, total $140

  • Evermore: 8 ornaments, total $190

  • Midnight: 9 ornaments, total $135

  • And a separate section called “Christmas Tree Farm” which offers 2 ornaments for a total of $35

This article originally appeared in the Nashville Tennessean: Taylor Swift's Christmas gifts: Merch shop redesigned for the holidays