Texas Rangers Women's Club celebrates 50 years of service

NORTH TEXAS – If you've ever been to a Rangers game, you've probably been greeted by a member of the Texas Rangers Women's Club.

The group is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

“We love baseball, we love the Rangers and we help the Rangers by doing what we can to help them,” said Beth Marshall, vice president of programs for the Texas Rangers Women's Club.

For the past five decades, these ladies have filled gift bags, rolled posters and handed out promotional items at home games.

“Last night it was rings, today it's bobbleheads,” said Mary Humphus, one of the club's founding members. “T-shirts, jerseys, coupons, bats.”

The club was founded in 1974, two years after the team arrived in Arlingon. Humphus, who is 94, says the Rangers didn't think many women would even be interested in joining the club.

Almost 300 people came to the first meeting.

“We love baseball,” Humphus said.

For 50 years, she worked every home game that had a promotion, and she can only think of a handful that she might have missed.

“No matter what family celebration we have, they are happy to reorganize it,” she said.

Humphus is joined by women from across the metropolitan area and from all walks of life who volunteer their time to share the love of the game.

“We have a few lawyers, a doctor, a lot of educators and people from the business community,” said Starla Langston, president of the Texas Rangers Women's Club.

All of the group's proceeds go to causes such as visiting underprivileged children at the baseball stadium or stocking the Tarrant County Food Bank.

“The camaraderie that these ladies exude is really incredible,” Langston said. “They have big hearts. Really big hearts. So it really is kind of a family unit. Closer than family.”

The women's club says it is the only one of its kind in the country.

The World Series victory brought about 50 new members to the team, bringing the total to 179. The team is also constantly looking for reinforcements.

They hope new recruits will help them reach another 50 years of service.

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