Various summer music camps in Ammon, including learning video game and movie themes

AMMON — A local teacher is offering four music camps this summer. During the camps, children will learn and perform a variety of songs, including video game and movie soundtracks.

Madison Hanson is an instructor at Snake River Strings Co. in Ammon. Each camp is designed for a variety of skill levels and is specifically geared toward string instrument players, including violin, viola and cello.

“Snake River Strings Co. is a place where we really try to create an environment where kids can learn but also develop their own independence as musicians,” Hanson said. “This is just another opportunity for them to develop their own musical style and artistic expression.”

The first camp will be offered June 17-21. It runs from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Click here to view the other camp dates that will be held in July and part of August.

“I organize all the music for the camps, so we'll be playing music from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, How to Train Your Dragon. Some video game music… we'll be playing the theme from The Last of Us and the theme from Among Us,” she said, referring to the music camp.

In addition, students learn to compose their own theme in the film and video game music camp.

“They'll come up with a video game character or a movie character and compose a melodic theme for that character on their instrument,” Hanson explained. “I'll show them a little bit about digital music making.”

Afterwards there will be a performance.

In other camps, the children learn about art or world and folk music. There is also a camp where the children learn about rock and pop. It is a chance for the students to broaden their horizons.

“We'll be playing some songs by Coldplay, Journey, AC/DC, Taylor Swift and some songs by Billie Eilish,” said Hanson. “Everyone will like something we play. There's something for everyone.”

Hanson has a musical background and is currently working on her master's degree. She is also the music coordinator for Bonneville Joint School District 93.

“I think what helps me most is helping children understand that they have a voice and autonomy in their learning, and that music is a wonderful way for them to develop their self-confidence and share it with other people,” Hanson said.

She encourages students to try one or all of the camps.

“I think it’s just going to be an incredible experience where people in our community can come together and make music in an authentic way and share it with other people,” she said.

Click here to view camp pricing or to register. Scroll down the page until you find Madison Hanson.

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