The truth behind the viral video that allegedly shows a ‘deadly worm’ in a pepper | Trends

Are you an avid social media user? Then chances are you've seen a video showing a “deadly worm” inside a bell pepper. The viral footage also claims that the worm can cause death if ingested. Does the video show the whole truth? It turns out that the footage is being shared with inaccurate claims.

Fact check: The picture shows a person pulling a worm out of a pepper. (Screenshot)

“Be careful before eating bell peppers,” wrote one X user while sharing the video. The clip shows someone slicing a bell pepper and pulling out a thin, almost thread-like worm. The video claims that it is a roundworm and goes on to say that if ingested, it feeds on the large intestine and can also cause death.

Check out the video going viral with false claims:

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A quick search revealed several similar videos previously shared on social media. While some of the videos claim that it is a worm, others claim that it is not a worm but a tiny snake.

During our search, we also came across a report from AFP that refutes these claims. According to it, the worm shown in the video is harmless and poses no health risk to humans.

“The worm appears to be a Nematomorpha or perhaps a Nematoda, from the roundworm family. They have similar characteristics. To distinguish them from each other, you would have to put them under a magnifying glass or a microscope,” Maria Achinelly, doctor of sciences and member of the Argentine Parasitology Society, told AFP.

“No matter what type of worm it is, the biology is similar – they are worms… they are parasites that depend on insects and kill those that carry them,” Achinelly said, adding: “They can parasitize cockroaches, lobsters, spiders and scorpions, but never animals such as birds, reptiles, amphibians or humans… They are harmless to touch or eat.”


This video of a worm in a pepper is shared with the misleading claim that eating the worm can lead to death.

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