Cumberland music teacher starts Taylor Swift-inspired guitar lessons

A Cumberland music teacher combines his passion for the guitar with the influence of one of the world's biggest pop stars.

Matt Kucharski, a teacher at Rick's Music, is a Swiftie through marriage.

“I like their music. If I had the choice, I would choose classic rock and stuff like that, you know, a lot of guitar songs,” Kucharski said.

But even he has to admit that their influence on music and pop culture is undeniable.

“It's everywhere. It has so many different appeals. And why not use that to create more musicians,” he said.

Desperately looking for new ways to inspire his students, he found inspiration in Ms. Americana herself.

Demand was high almost immediately.

“I ended up with 24 students. That was a lot, you know, and I only promoted it for a week and a half,” Kucharski said.

He said the students were eager to learn guitar using Swift's greatest hits.

“I addressed three different eras in class, including on the latest album,” said Kucharski.

The lessons, he said, go beyond music.

“If I can get 45 other musicians in the world to do something, then I'll do something,” he said.

They create a community in Cumberland, regardless of your musical background, age or gender.

Taylor Swift's next guitar lessons for beginners start in July.

To register, visit their website or call 401-658-3404.