The Acolyte: The Force creates lesbian children (rumor)

Disney, Kathleen Kennedy and Leslye Headland are apparently taking “The Force is Female” in a completely new direction, as it is claimed that the new Star Wars series, The Acolytewill use the power to create children from lesbians.

This is a rumor that surfaced on Twitter after the first four episodes were shared with various media outlets for review, so it's possible that details have leaked out.

The fact that the Force creates children from lesbians was possibly already hinted at in the first two episodes, when it was revealed that the twins Osha and Mae have “mothers.”

What does the rumor say?

The rumor comes from YouTuber That Star Wars Girl via Twitter.

“In episode 3 of The Acolyte“The power creates children through lesbians,” Anna tweeted. “This is not a joke.”

Another rumor I have heard is that The Acolyte will explain that power comes from a feminine source.

Luke Leia Anakin Padmé

What's up?

I actually went through this about three weeks ago, but apparently here's what's happening: Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, and Leslye Headland are changing George Lucas' original films.

As we all know, Anakin's mother mysteriously became pregnant, presumably through the Force/midi-chlorians. Anakin and Padmé had twins, Luke and Leia.

Since The Acolyte takes place a hundred years before the prequel films, and in the canon the events of the series technically come first.

Disney, Kathleen Kennedy and Leslye Headland have apparently decided the following: Instead of Luke and Leia, Osha and Mae are now the first twins.

And if the rumors are true, their mothers are lesbians who become pregnant through the Force, even before Anakin's mother in the George Lucas films.

the acolyte Rebecca Henderson


It is worth mentioning that Leslye Headland is a lesbian who married her wife in The Acolyteand Headland has admitted that she put herself into the series.

The above rumors also fit with an early reaction to the first four episodes, which offered The Acolyte kills Star Wars.

In my own review, I talked about how useless the Jedi are in the series and what a sloppy mess the series is because the diversity in the series is more important than the quality of the story.

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