Mindnight-Dancing, music and memories within reach – The Suburban Times

Sometimes we forget things, like music that surprises us and penetrates deep into our soul. It could just be the music, or a gathering, or just our thoughts that take us to other places.

The other day I walked into the living room where my wife Peggy was watching an old concert on TV. I forget why I went into the room, but I stopped and let “Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” sung decades ago by Art Garfunkel solo without Paul Simon, just float over my body and relax my mind and heart. It calmed my whole body. I kissed Peggy goodnight and floated back to bed where the melody came to me and sang me to sleep. A few days later I sat down at my computer to find that concert and hopefully fill my body with joy again, but as I started searching, another song popped up that caught my attention. It was a concert (Live at Kennedy Center Honors) and Aretha Franklin was at the piano, which blew away Carol King, who was sitting in the audience. Aretha started singing Carol King's “Natural Woman,” which brought King and also President Barack Obama to tears. The audience went wild.

The music, the joy and the moments together created a memory. Two of my favorite memories will always be close to my heart. One of them is being a teenager sitting in the front seat of my father's Ford Ranchero with my mother and father in the early 1960s. On the radio was a Harry Belafonte concert at Carnegie Hall. The music was sometimes funny, sometimes romantic and sometimes just plain touching.

I must not forget my wife. We used to visit Seattle quite often and had a popular bed and breakfast with three floors of bedrooms on Capitol Hill. We had a room on the second floor. Sometimes Peg's legs would tingle and hurt. Often the pain would subside by simply eating a banana. If not, we would dance in each other's arms until the pain subsided. No one ever complained about our midnight dancing…it was more like a simple shuffle…The pain went away but the joy remained…just like the memories of Art Garfunkel

Harry Belafonte,

And Aretha Franklin, Carol KoenigAnd Peggy.