Murdered Miami Norland Senior High School football coach Keon Smith was honored at the school

MIAMI – High school football coach Keon Smith was shot In Opa-locka, his football team gathered on Monday and Friday to pay their last respects.

Coach Smith's football family at Miami Norland Senior High School came together to honor his life and talk about the impact he had not only on and off the field.

The players of the Miami Norland football team stand together and sing, as they do at every game.

Unfortunately, her quarterback coach will no longer be by her side. “His legacy in Dade County football will be remembered,” said Darryel Bethune, who coached with Smith.

Coach Bethune and coach Walt Walker worked with Smith.

They say he gave them the opportunity to continue doing what they love.

“He and I are still good friends for over 20 years. I coached him and had the chance to train with him,” Bethune said.

“He took me everywhere with him. Wherever he coached, he always wanted me by his side. Coach Walt, I want you by my side,” Walker said.

Although Smith was the quarterback coach, players like quarterback Ennio Yappor say he was truly everyone's coach.

“The fact that these children will no longer experience his teachings and his respect breaks their hearts,” Yappor said.

Yappor says the loss of his coach is now a motivation for him as an athlete going into his senior year.

The police are still searching for the shooter.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.