Here's your Cleveland Music Roundup for the start of summer

With summer fast approaching, we've updated our Cleveland Current playlist to include recent releases from artists and bands in the Northeast Ohio music scene.

Find new funk, blues, pop, hip-hop, punk and more in our selection of 30 songs. (And be sure to follow the playlist; we update it every month!)

Tune in here to hear some musicians talk about their projects featured in this month's playlist below.

The Michael Weber Show, Stereogram

If you buy this new record in vinyl format, you'll be treated to some visual treats. The stereoscopic cover features a 3D image of singer and guitarist Michael Weber that can only be seen if you squint—and with the record spinning at exactly 33 ⅓ revolutions per minute, the carefully designed label in the center appears to stand still when viewed with a cell phone camera.

“I think it's so important that a physical medium gives the volume something special,” says Weber. “There's something special about holding a real, physical copy of something in your hands.”

Weber recorded Stereogram at his Hudson-based Lighthouse Recording Studio with his band: bassist Evan Baker, drummer James O'Connor and pianist Will Baughman. The 10-track album showcases Weber's skills as a singer, guitar and keyboard player, and songwriter, while delving into power pop, '70s alternative, punk, indie and new wave influences.

Weber, known for his retro sound, energetic stage presence and colorful vintage outfits, plans to bring everything he's got to the stage during a summer tour that visits Indiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. There are also plenty of opportunities to see Weber's band in Northeast Ohio, including at the Falls Downtown Fridays concert series in Cuyahoga Falls (July 5), the Home Days Festival in Broadview Heights (July 13) and the Wade Oval Wednesdays concert series (July 31).

“I'm going to give it my all every time I'm on stage. I'm proud of that,” Weber says. “I think if people take the time to come to a show to hear me sing my songs, then I'm going to give it back to them – every ounce of love they give me, I'm going to give back to them tenfold.”

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Shawn Poe, Fruit Ninja EP

Colorful fruits like strawberries, pears, peaches, cherries and pineapples blend together to create a musical smoothie in the latest project from Lashawn Gordon – aka Shawn Poe. The local hip-hop artist, who has also released music under the name Karate P, put the project together with input from his father, who he has reconnected with in recent years.

“I got bored of the tough guy music, so I just wanted something soft that guys could gravitate to, that you could listen to and feel,” Gordon says. “It's like motivational music for the black guys, that's kind of what it is.”

The musician, who wrote battle rap verses as a kid and has been involved in a number of music projects in Northeast Ohio, remains flexible within the wide-ranging genre. “I don't pigeonhole myself into a particular type of rapper; I'm just an entertainer,” he says. “Maybe next week I'll write a country song, you know?”

He doesn't limit himself to just making music either. Gordon supports local musicians through his company Kartel Media Korp, which supports artists and creatives with content, branding and the business side of art.

“To any artist in town who feels like they don't know what it takes to get to the next level, or who feels like they don't have enough people or a team around them, I want to make a peace offering – reach out to me,” says Gordon. “Cleveland is a major music hub, and people just haven't looked to us yet. We just want to make sure that when they look, they see the best show in the world.”

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Speaking of shows, Gordon has a lot planned for June and July. You can catch him at Lyrical Rhythms Night at B-Side Liquor Lounge (June 18), Euphoria Lounge (June 29), Dunlap's Corner Bar (July 3), Medieval Pub (July 12) and Diamond 8 Restaurant and Lounge (July 26).

Zach Angeloni, Versions of ourselves

After participating in local record producer Tuck Mindrum's collaborative “One Take Series,” Zach Angeloni's collection of songs received a fitting album cover – a colorful silhouette of a family and a dog, painted by Sean Wheeler. It turned out to be a perfect fit for the tunes' inspirations.

“They're all really inspired by family members and friends. I started thinking about grandparents and ancestors; I like to go there a little bit when I write, and I think I let all these songs come out of that space a little bit,” says Angeloni. “That's why it was called Versions of ourselves.”

The album, released May 23, is Angeloni's first full-length solo release. The 34-year-old Canton native, formerly of the band Sans Rebellion, says his songwriting naturally leans toward folk music, with influences from artists and bands such as Buck Meek, Twain and, locally, Ray Flanagan.

“Standing up and actually singing and saying things that really had meaning to me was a big adjustment, just coming out of myself – from the background to just singing my own songs,” Angeloni says.

The musician has several performances coming up, including an appearance at the Rialto Theater (June 21) and with Ray Flanagan at the Winchester Music Tavern (June 24).

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