CJ Stroud of the Houston Texans looks back on his trip abroad as a football coach

The Houston Texans have turned the franchise around and are on their way to the Super Bowl. They want to win their first Lombardi Trophy in history. Quarterback CJ Stroud has already proven himself to be a real star before the start of his second season.

Stroud's star power is felt not only on the field, but off it as well. He had the opportunity to travel to Asia with Dallas Cowboys superstar Micah Parsons to help spread the word about the sport of football. During OTAs, Stroud had the opportunity to talk about his travels and share the game he loves.

“It was incredible,” Stroud claimed. “First of all, kudos to Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo for hosting me and Micah. [Parsons] to be welcomed with open arms, the hospitality and the culture there is just incredible. They want to learn about football and it was cool to see that they already have the basics down but want to grow from there.”

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Football is by far the most popular sport in America. However, soccer dominates worldwide. But the NFL wants to bring football into more homes and globalize the sport. That Stroud has a strong enough personal brand to play a role in that alongside Parsons is an incredible achievement.

“I think football is a family sport and these guys are family now. The Olympics are going to be international soon, with flag football. I think that's super cool,” Stroud continued. “The fact that we can already get our foot in those doors is kind of cool. I'm very grateful to my team, Bernie and David, for organizing this. Even the guys out there who gave us first-class hospitality.”

Stroud and Parsons were able to do a lot more than just football on the trip, including playing baseball and sumo wrestling, and there was a lot more going on along the way.

“The whole experience was just amazing,” Stroud said. “It was my first time really being out of the country and just being able to go to the Great Wall of China and all that stuff and still do what I love to do. Training with Micah was cool. He has a lot of crazy views, but I like that guy. But it was fun.”

Stroud threw for 4,108 passing yards and 23 touchdowns in his rookie season, which he played in 15 games. He is a star in the NFL and is expected to succeed at the professional level for years to come. With more prime-time games and more success, he will only become more popular.

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