Bengals look forward to Jordan Battle learning from Vonn Bell

Jordan Battle, safety of the Cincinnati Bengals, is already one of the team's breakthrough candidates.

This idea received even greater momentum when the team entered free agency and brought back Vonn Bell to fix the unit's communication problems.

The Bengals' coaches aren't shy about it either. Jordan Kovacs, the Bengals' safeties coach, recently explained to Geoff Hobson of how Bell Battle can help:

I think competition brings out the best in everyone. We're so early in this, I don't know how it's all going to play out. But I think having a guy like Jordan in the room can only help, right? He's the consummate professional. He's really maximized his skills with what he's done off the court. I can't learn enough from him as a coach. The rookies can't learn enough from a guy like him, and Jordan Battle can't learn enough from a guy like him. And I see them talking about the ball off the court. One-on-one, they talk about the ball. Stuff like that will be invaluable for Jordan in his sophomore year.

We've already seen some evidence that Bell helped Battle. And we've even heard from new addition Geno Stone that Bell was helpful as well.

Given that and simple projections, it's probably safe to assume that Battle will play a large portion of the snaps alongside Stone next year with Dax Hill playing cornerback and will benefit greatly from Bell's presence.

The story originally appeared on Bengals Wire