“Is Tiger as good as they say?”

Scottie Scheffler at the Memorial on Friday.

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The Louisville Police Department has released new bodycam footage from Scottie Scheffler's arrest last month at the PGA Championship. It shows an officer asking Scheffler in the police car, “Is Tiger as good as they say?”

The videos came after four charges from the May 29 incident were dropped — second-degree assault on a police officer, which is a felony, third-degree criminal damage to property, reckless driving and failure to obey traffic signals by a trooper directing traffic. The incident in question occurred as a police investigation into a fatal pedestrian crash and subsequent traffic jam wreaked havoc outside Valhalla Golf Club early Friday morning during the week of the PGA Championship. According to the police report, Scheffler attempted to bypass the backup by driving around the traffic jam into a side lane where Detective Bryan Gillis was directing traffic. Gillis said he stopped Scheffler and tried to give him directions, but Scheffler “refused to obey and accelerated forward, knocking him to the ground,” and Gillis arrested Scheffler moments later.

Twelve days later, Scheffler was acquitted in a Louisville courtroom when Mike O'Connell, the Jefferson County District Attorney and lead prosecutor in the investigation, told a judge that after reviewing the evidence against Scheffler, he and his team had not found sufficient probable cause to pursue the charges.

The footage began circulating on Friday afternoon. Below are five videos shared by Bryan Armen Graham, a reporter for the Guardian. A portion of what was said can be seen below each video.

This video appears to have been recorded at the moment Scheffler was arrested.

Scheffler: “Sir, I’m terribly sorry.”

Policeman: “OK, keep your hand back there.”

Scheffler: “I'm just trying to get to my tee time. I'm shaking.”

Scheffler: “Guys, I’ll leave my arms back there, I promise.”

Scheffler: “I'm about to be arrested. I'm trying to get a tee time.”

Scheffler: “He told me to stop and as I walked past he grabbed my arm. I was scared. I couldn't tell that he was a police officer.”

At this point, ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington appeared to intervene, but was asked to step back. Scheffler was then escorted to a car.

Scheffler: “Can we talk for a minute?”

Policeman: “Do you have a wallet with you?”

Scheffler: “All my things are in there – my player ID, my wallet, my phone.”

Policeman: “Have you had anything to drink or been given mouthwash?”

Scheffler: “Mouthwash.”

Officer: “That’s all?”

Scheffler: “Yes, I woke up about half an hour ago.”

Here, the officer appeared to speak to Gillis, who said he was fine and refused treatment by emergency medical services. Notably, the last four seconds of the video were muted.

This video appears to have been taken from a police car. At one point, an officer asked Scheffler about Woods.

Policeman: “Just to be clear, you haven’t had anything to drink today, right? Nothing to drink at all this morning?”

Scheffler: “Just mouthwash.”

Police officer: “Just mouthwash. OK. So if he had given you a PBT test, which is like a breathalyzer test…”

Scheffler: “Can you give me one right now?” [He laughed.]

Official: “Usually people say: No, I’ll do it.”

Scheffler: “Okay, give me the breathalyzer.”

Scheffler: “I try not to drink too much before I go golfing at 8 a.m.”

Official: “So I assume you’re pretty good if you play in the PGA.”

Scheffler: “I’m fine, yes.”

Official: “Is Tiger as good as they say, or is that…”

Scheffler: “He’s damn good.”

Here the officer showed Scheffler his phone and apparently Scheffler learned there about the delay in the second round.

This video appears to have been taken from a moving police car. Here, the officer asks Scheffler about his job.

Policeman: “How long have you been playing golf to get here?”

Scheffler: “Since I was probably 2 or 3 years old.”

Officer: “Oh my goodness.”

Scheffler: “Yes, I've been on tour for five years now. No, sixth year. I turned pro after graduating from college in 2018 and then played the mini-tours for a summer, then I played – what sports do you like?”

Official: “I’m not a big sports fan.”

Scheffler: “I wanted to say, I played something like the equivalent in the minor leagues for a year and then I made it to the PGA Tour.”

Policeman: “Yes, honestly, it’s unbelievable. How old are you now?”

Scheffler: “Twenty-seven.”

Policeman: “You’re 27 and you play the damn PGA?”

Here Scheffler told the officer that he had just had his first child and the officer congratulated him.

This video also appears to have been taken from a moving police car. Here, Scheffler wondered if he could play on Friday.

Scheffler: “How likely do you think it is that I can still play golf today? About one percent?”

Officer: “Man, I don’t know – who’s your lawyer?”

Scheffler: “His name is Danny.”

Officer: “OK, yeah, I'd call Danny as soon as you get there, man. I haven't looked at your records to even give you an answer. Because I don't, so I don't know. I don't know what you're charged with. But if I had to guess, I'd say no. But I am. That's just my guess. Then again, we work in Jefferson County and stranger things have happened.”

Here, Scheffler told the officer how Rory McIlroy had received a police escort to reach his tee time on the final day of the 2012 Ryder Cup. Scheffler also told the officer how he had played golf with former President Donald Trump two years ago.

This video appears to have been taken from inside the police station, and shows the officer admitting he had just learned that Scheffler was ranked number 1 in the world.

Scheffler: “I opened my phone to see if my wife had woken up.” [He showed the officer the phone.]

Policeman: “Ohhhh. I didn't know you were number 1 in the world right now. That's why all the news was here. … He's the number 1 player in the world.”

Second Officer: “Who is that?”

The first officer pointed at Scheffler.

Second Officer: “For golf?”

First Officer: “You're too laid back to be the best player in the world. … You should have had a driver. You should have been the one with the police escort we talked about.”

Scheffler: “Instead, I am the one with the crime.”

The first: “For now. Everything will be fine.”

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