Two people are charged with allegedly creating animal cruelty videos.

June 7 (UPI) – Warning: This article contains criminal allegations related to the alleged torture and mutilation of animals.

According to the Justice Department, two people were charged this week for allegedly helping to create and distribute videos depicting the mistreatment of monkeys.


In an indictment filed Friday, Nicholas T. Dryden of Ohio and Giancarlo Morelli of New Jersey were charged with conspiring to create and distribute “Animal Crush Videos” and distributing those videos.

The videos allegedly showed extreme violence and sexual abuse of baby, adolescent and adult monkeys, the Justice Department said.

Dryden was also charged with producing, distributing and receiving a graphic depiction of child sexual abuse because the defendant allegedly paid a minor in Indonesia to abuse the monkeys.

According to court documents, the two men allegedly conspired to create and distribute the videos in March and April 2023. They allegedly funneled money through Dryden, who then paid the minor to perform the acts requested by Dryden and Morelli on camera.

According to the Ministry of Justice, these crimes included sodomy and genital abuse.

For conspiracy, the maximum sentence is five years in prison. For charges related to the creation and distribution of Animal Crush videos, the maximum sentence is seven years. For charges related to the production and distribution of depictions of the sexual abuse of minors, the maximum sentence is 20 years.

Former President Donald Trump signed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act in 2019, which criminalizes the creation and distribution of videos of animal cruelty as well as the filming of these acts.