The BMW X3 2025 has leaked online

An updated BMW X3 is expected later this year, and an image of the new model has traditionally surfaced online. The leak appears to be a screenshot from a marketing video produced by the automaker, and shows a heavily redesigned SUV with all the controversy we expect from new BMW designs.

The teal X3 pictured features a unique grille pattern that combines diagonal and vertical lines. It borrows some design cues from the XM SUV, including the boxier front end and prominent lower air dam, but thankfully it doesn't have the XM's odd pig-nosed look at the front. Its headlights are a single piece, rather than the XM's split light units, but no one will see them once their eyes are drawn to the grille. The SUV's vibe is somewhere between sporty and digitally inspired, and the new model has a smoother shape than the previous X3.

BMW is expected to offer four- and six-cylinder engines, and after the initial release we'll see hybrid or PHEV models. The all-electric iX3 will arrive later with BMW's New Class architecture, and it's unclear how much of the petrol X3's design it will have. The automaker has unveiled the electric SUV in early 2024, but the leaked image of the petrol model suggests the two models could diverge in the design department.

The SUV doesn't appear to have an M Sport package, nor is it an M-tuned version of the X3, and it looks like we're dealing with a plug-in variant, given the additional “fuel flap” on the fender. Besides the refreshed design, the updated X3 has flush door handles and will ride on a wider track than its predecessor. We don't have interior images yet, but we expect a clean design with large screens and BMW's latest iDrive infotainment software.