New bariatric surgery technique leads to drastic weight loss for Texan – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Kenneth Yerrid, 50, from Melissa is halfway to his 40kg weight loss goal after just three months.

Yerrid suffered from metabolic syndrome, a serious condition that, according to the American Heart Association, includes a combination of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol and can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

When Yerrid found it difficult to lose weight with diet, exercise and weight-loss drugs, he agreed to be the only person in Texas to undergo gastric bypass surgery, using a new surgical technique that uses magnets.

Yerrid's gastric bypass surgery was the first in Texas to use the Levita Magnetic Surgical System® (MARS), a new FDA-approved surgical platform.

Dr. Chad Carlton of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano performed the surgery, which he felt was the right option for Yerrid.

“Gastric bypass surgery involves reducing the size of the stomach and then rerouting the food duct. Rerouting the food duct helps the patient control satiety, appetite and hunger and gives them direct control over metabolic diseases, particularly diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea,” said Dr. Carlton.

Carlton said that by using the magnetic surgical system, he was able to avoid a normally painful incision under the breastbone, resulting in a faster recovery, less pain and better cosmetic results for Yerrid.

Since his operation in March, Yerrid has lost 20 kilograms.

In addition to his weight, his blood pressure, cholesterol and A1C levels have also improved and are better controlled.

“I have been able to make a fantastic improvement in my quality of life and am therefore very, very happy and fulfilled and feel like I have turned back time,” said Yerrid.