The best clicker games like Banana that you can play now

Simple free clicker game banana has quickly become one of the most played games on Steam and has made it into the top 10 actively played games, with over 100,000 current players at the time of this article. For many players, this is the first clicker game that really excites them. Thankfully, there are plenty of other great clicker games out there already. Here are the best clicker games like banana that you can play immediately.

Best clicker games like banana

All of these games have one thing in common: they are clicker games. This usually means that the game is based on clicking a lot to increase a number while getting upgrades to automate the clicking and increase productivity. Here are some of the best clicker games that are similar to banana which have now been published:

Considered by many to be the origin of clicker games, Cookie Clicker by Orteil was originally released as a browser-based web game. The premise is simple: click a cookie to get a cookie. This is a cookie world, after all, so you can spend the cookies you get to buy upgrades that will improve your cookie clicking. First, you buy additional clickers that will automatically click the cookie, and eventually you get Grandma's, Cookie Farms, Cookie Factories, Cookie Banks, and even Cookie Fractal Engines and Idleverses. You'll get so many cookies you won't know what to do with them all.

IdleOn – The Idle RPG

idle is a great option for a clicker game if you want to combine your clicker with some MMO features. A persistent online world, idle allows players to hone a variety of skills as if they were playing an RPG. MMO features allow you to join other players in a side-scrolling game to participate in the clicking madness. Maple history-like atmosphere where you take on monsters, craft equipment, and even pursue professions like fishing and mining. All in the gameplay mode of a clicker game.

Floor plan

Floor plan is probably one of my favorite clicker games of all time. While most games in this genre have endless loops and never-ending gameplay via prestige modes, Spaceplan is actually a self-contained narrative experience. As you click in Spaceplan, time progresses as you build a colony of potatoes – no, that's not a species – that will eventually become spacefaring. It's a fun journey that's well worth your time.

NGU idle

NGU idle starts as a fairly simple clicker game; you train your stats by filling up a bar before fighting bosses. As you defeat bosses, you will unlock more systems and features that will further increase your power and allow you to fight even tougher bosses. Eventually, you will unlock systems like equipment and blood magic that give this clicker game an RPG-like mechanic. The clicking aspect in NGU idle is quickly replaced by idle, but the core concepts of the game are similar.


Originally also released for the browser on Kongregate, Reichsschleiferis a massive clicker game that introduces unique gameplay to the genre. You start with a few unlocked factions and develop their empire through clicking, idling, and upgrading to unlock more buildings and eventually more factions. Each time you gain prestige, you have the option to change your faction, with each having their own playstyle that includes both active and idle play. It's a great sense of progression as you continually unlock new features and systems that change the game elements.

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