Carrie Baxter’s “Woman” is a tribute to women [Video]

Singer/Songwriter Carrie Baxter enters another realm as she shares her new single, “Woman,” which sees her venture into the neo-soul/R&B genre. Blending '90s neo-soul with a modern twist, the track features warm chords, predominant bass-driven drum grooves, and rich harmonies to round it all out. Carrie's commanding voice stands out in the mix, backed by raw emotional undertones as she pays tribute to femininity and emphasizes strength and confidence.The track is an ode to all women and implores them to find their inner strength. Lines like

I explain to my friends that I am not calm myself. So I drink my wine and they listen to me.
(And they say and they say)
Lady, you better drop your bags
You're slowly dimming the light you're putting out and there's no gain. Sister, you've got to turn that back
You have to put the left foot, the right foot, don't forget to breathe

set the perfect tone, while Carrie gets a moral boost from her circle of friends.

The accompanying visuals are a mix of performance photos, captivating shots from a variety of angles and perspectives, influenced by the positive energy of the song itself. We see Carrie and her friends in their element as they celebrate their victories.

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